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Oliver has allergies!

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My cat,Oliver, suffers from allergies he has a runny nose and runny eyes. I took him to the vet not even a week ago and he has a clean bill of health. Any suggestions on how I can lessen his symptoms? We'd both appreciate the advice! Thanks!
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Is it allergies or an Upper Respiratory Infection?

If the symptoms are new, then I'd get him to the vet.
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It may actually be a kitty cold rather than allergies. You can try adding lysine to his food--if the cold is caused by the feline herpes virus (very common) then the lysine will hellp by interfering with the virus's replication. If the cold gets worse, I would suggest calling the vet back and asking for advice--sometimes cats will develop a bacterial infection as well as the viral infection and may need antibiotics, and sometimes they need eye ointment to help clear up the eye infection that sometimes results from the cold. Also, make sure that Oliver continues to eat and drink normally--if he doesn't, definitely call the vet.
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I'm pretty sure it's just allergies. The vet said he was totally healthy and that was barely 3 days ago. plus his breathing is normal,he eats like normal, and he is definetly very active and playful! As a matter of fact he just pounced on my feet!
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Often the only symptoms of a mild cold are sneezing and runny eyes. Because so many sick cats are found in the vet's office, it's actually more likely to be a cold since he was just there and around all the germs. Vets and their staff do their best to be sterile, but it's impossible to be perfect at preventing the spread of germs in the waiting area. I would still suggest trying the lysine. It's inexpensive and it won't hurt since it's just an extra boost of an amino acid.
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Ok,I'll try it,Thanks! If it turns out it is allergies though,what should I do? Also are allergies genetic? Because Oliver's dad (a feral cat I feed) suffers from them too. Thanks again!
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You can talk with the vet about possible medications to use if your cat has seasonal allergies. I wouldn't be surprised if they are genetic, since they seem to be that way in people.
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