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Another funny behavior

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Anyone have a clue why he does this?

Blondie has a peculiar habit. We haven't been able to pinpoint why he does it, but have a short list of things we were doing when he did it.

He sits up on his haunches and rubs the air in front of him with his front paws repeatedly. We call it "worshipping". It looks hilarious.

He has done it when looking at a cat face mask we have on the wall; when I yelled at him once to stop attacking a piece of plastic on the floor early one AM; when watching my boyfriend lifting hand weights; and once in a while when he appears to be measuring a distance to see if he can make a jump (he doesn't do it for every jump though or even for most of them, only occasionally).

It's not a begging type behaviour, because he's never done it in relation to treats or food.

If I can get a picture of him doing this, I will post it. But it doesn't happen often, and usually when we spot him doing it, by the time one of us grabs the camera, he is done.
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I really don't have an answer for you. Snowball used to sit up on his haunches when he was a kitten and saw something he was really interested in. However, he never made that rubbing motion in the air with his front paws. Maybe when cats do that it helps them maintain their balance?
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moemoe does that with one paw. It's almost like he is reaching for it and doesn't relize he is two far away.
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Whenever I go into the bathroom, that's when Spike become VERY affectionate.

He'd prop one paw on my knee and stretch his other paw out toward my head/neck to "pull my head" toward him so he could give me a "kiss" with his nose. If I don't bend down and bow my head down to his level whenever he demands with his outstretched paw, he'd jump up on my lap then proceed to plant both paws on my chest and give me a BIG WET nuzzle with his nose so I've found it's best if I do as he commands and bend down to his level so he could kiss me.

Of course whenever he does this, my heart MELTS!
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That is so sweet! You must get a picture!
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