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Ever attended a pet party?

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I have been invited, well, my cats really, to a get together of relatives' pets. I seem to be the only cat person. 3 of my crew are okay with strangers and dogs but I am not sure about the canine/children/cat snob "guests". My instincts tell me that whoever cat i bring will probably spend the whole time in the carrier. No fun for either of us.
So if anybody has suggestions, love to hear them. Thanks!
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Sounds like a receipe for trouble. I probably wouldnt bring my cat to one, but if yours are ok with strange places and you dont have to drive far, try it, knowing you might have to turn around and go home.

Are the dogs going big, abd how many (might gabg up on a cat). If your cat is indoor only, it might get let out on accident.

My friend is planning a kitten party for sometime in the future, and even that I have problems with (disease, aggresion,etc) Let us know if you go and how it was!
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I would not take my Cats to one. Who knows what kind of germs are there.
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It's your call - you know these people and their animals. I personally wouldn't bring cats though because any time a cat goes in the car and to a strange place, it tends to be a stressful environment- whether or not they know the people/animals who will be there. Mine would probably spend the night hissing and hiding eventhough they're both very outgoing and social cats here at home.
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Probably 90% of the cats would not socialize at a pet party. I've only owned 2 cats that would socialize in any enviroment. They were ok with strange places and acted more like a dog - not hiding, not afraid of new animals, etc.

Unless your cats are very well adjusted socially and don't mind strangers/other animals, then I'd leave them home and just go to the party and play with the rest of the pets there
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I don't think pet parties are for cats. Cats are so territorial and can get stressed by new environments. I am not sure if I had a dog I would take a dog either unless the dog knew the other dogs. I don't know it sounds like a recipe for a disaster to me. The only cat I have that would do okay is Seldon. Just because he is so nosy that he forgets to be afraid of things.
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i wouldent do it, what fun could it be for your cat to spend the entire time in the carrier
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Sounds like a fun thing for dogs, but personally I would leave my cats out of it. I have pretty outgoing cats, but I doubt they would have much fun taking them out of their element and into a strange situation with strange people and other pets.

My dogs however, would have a blast!
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