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Here's hoping it will fly by for you have any long movies you can watch??
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Originally Posted by fifi1puss View Post
Here's hoping it will fly by for you have any long movies you can watch??
Not really but I've got a little bit more cleaning to do and then I'm gonna enjoy the TCS arcade for awhile! Then I'll probably go out and get some stuff done with the horses while there's a break in the rain. The time should fly by pretty quickly. Down to 4 hours now!
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I was thinking about what you are doing and you know I hope I have a granddaughter like you one day. I am in my early 30s so that is a looong time from now but what you are doing is very special. I would hope someone would see that my cats are my heart and know to care for them.

I used to think people who bequeathed money to their pets were weird but I get it now.
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I did not see the post till now but I am so glad you are getting Smokey Bear! I pray the rest of the travel goes smoothly and you are able to get him all fixed up. Bless you for doing this! I am sure your grandmother is looking down and bursting with pride over all you have done to take care of her precious Smokey.
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Is he there yet, is he there yet, is he there yet...
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He isn't here yet, but should be in about an hour if the guy gets here when he says he will!
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I just saw this thread. Your Grandma must be so happy that you are taking care of her Smokey Bear. that he arrives ok, and gets cleaned up and fattened up soon.
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Still no word from the driver and he said he'd call 30-45 minutes before he arrives so it looks like I've still got a bit of waiting left to do! I'm so anxious that I'm close to pacing now
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Just talked to the driver, he's about 45 minutes away now! Not much longer and Smokey Bear will be home!!
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Yay!! We are all eagerly awaiting your arrival, Smokey the Bear!!!!
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Smokey Bear is here!!! He arrived a little while ago. I've got him set up in a large dog crate at the moment until he gets acclimated. He desperately needs a bath and a brushing.

Here he is!

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Welcome, Smokey Bear! You're home! Once you have time to get over your trip, and start settling in, you'll know what a very lucky kitty you are.
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Welcome home Smokey Bear! You're a very handsome and lucky kitty!
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Yay! Smokey Bear arrived safe and sound!
What a lucky guy to be taken in by you. I'm sure he'll be improving very quickly with your good care.
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Aww, look at that gorgeous boy! Welcome Home sweetie!
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He's beautiful! I'm so glad he made it ok.
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Aww, what a handsome guy! Welcome home Smokey Bear!!
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What a sweetheart. I'm so glad he made it to your home.
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He is a sweetheart but is kind of grumpy which is to be expected from his long trip. He'll be rubbing and purring and wanting attention and then hiss and growl. He managed to bite me once, didn't break the skin though. He's going to settle in just fine though and I think he'll relax really quickly.
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What a cutie...but you can tell he has been through alot. He looks a little scared...or maybe it was just the flash of the camera

I am so happy this ordeal is over for him (and you). He just needs some nice quiet time and I am sure he will be fine.

Welcome home pretty boy!

He looks so soft!
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Awww he is so cute. I can see where he got his name. He is probably tired and stressed out. He has been through so much! But he is home now safe and sound. He just needs some rest.
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He's gorgeous! the poor darling must be so scared at the moment but he'll soon settle into such a loving home, big cheer for you (and your uncle)
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