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just trying something

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want to add picture
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You need to put this at the very end of the signature:
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it should look like this WITHOUT the space on the last [/IMG] {:
[IMG] [/IMG]
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Sorry Sherral...try this instead but delete * before the last [/IMG]:

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You'll need to delete the second part of that. You've got this:[/IMG][IMG]
Just delete everything after the [/IMG] and add [IMG] to the very beginning ...then it should work
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Ok Sherral...When you try to type something in your signature, delete everything on the first. Then copy and paste this on there, but you must delete the * or it will not work.

This should be the only thing in that signature box...
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You still have too much stuff on there that shouldn't be. Just highlight the code I just gave you and then right click & copy. Then paste it to your signature box, but first delete everything that is on there. Make sure you delete the * that is on there or it won't work.
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Good Job Sherral! You finally got it! Now if you just take out the other stuff like I just posted, you won't have a box with an x on it above the flag!
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I think I got it!!!
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I fixed it for you through the administrative panel, Sherral.
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Think you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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No shell deb25 did!
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Thanks Deb....I was trying everything!
Just glad to see that flag finally waving at us all!
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You are very welcome Sherral! Anytime!
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Originally posted by sherral46
Think you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We aim to please!
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I am never changing or adding anything again! I am so coumpter stupid!
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Sherral...Now that you've done it once, it's a piece of cake after that!!
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YA,Right!I was so happy I misspelled Thank!
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LOL! You'll get there, Sherral, a little at a time.
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