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Sneezing Bloody Snot

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My Hannah has been having these sneezing fits for the past 2 weeks (again!) and just finished a 14 day round of Clindamyacin. She just had another bout of sneezing and this time, it's bloody slimey snot. It's not straight blood, but definitely traces of blood. She'll definitely be going to the vet on Monday, but I'm wondering what I need to look for before hauling her to the emergency vet. Her nose is NOT bleeding. I should also mention that she does have Feline Herpes.

Other than the sneezing, she's fine. Normal playing, sleeping, eating, and litter box habits. She's perky, talking, and in the big middle of everything.

Thanks for any help.

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I found this link on feline herpes. The last paragraph might explain the bloody mucus
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My cat has the same exact symptoms.

have you found out whats going with her or him?

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After visiting 3 vets, we finally found a vet who suggested a culture and sensitivity test.  That showed us that she had a secondary psuedomonas infection.  She did two 30-day rounds of Zenequin, with a c&s test in between the rounds and after the final round of antibiotics.  After the 2nd round of meds, she was within the normal range, so we didn't do any additional meds.  After all these years, she's still sneezy, but nothing like this with discolored discharge. 

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very helpfull thanks! :)

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