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So What's For Dinner?

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Spent most of day puttering around the house then made a quick trip to the farmer's market...

So tonight I am doing oven grilled pork chops, seasoned roasted potato's and savory cabbage done in a casserole dish with butter, season salt and garlic...
And a big slice of watermelon for dessert..

The cats even go some organic homemade cat treats...

It's a feast at our house..
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mmm, yummy. Just leftovers here, I made a nice mild vegetable curry with rice yesterday.
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We had grilled chicken with corn on the cob and buttered rolls.
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We just had Subway. We were out, and I got hungry, and didn't feel like making anything when we got home anyways.
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Hopefully fish since my DH went deep sea fishing this morning.
Haven't heard from him yet so I've taken some antelope chops out of the freezer....just in case!
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I had a lettuce sandwich, some of those new ritz/pretzel crackers and two small pieces of cinnamon bread.
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Probably some kind of pasta -- maybe Alfredo, if I have enough cream.
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i had a chicken curry!
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Korean food!! yummmmmmmm!!!
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I would love to go out and eat but $$ is too tight! I am craving a nice Mexican place...
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DH came home with lots of fish!
Fresh Ling Cod, spinch & mushroom risotto, and a salad.
A late dinner, but well worth the wait.
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I had pork medallions in white wine with garlic and rosemary, along with mash potatoes.

No desert

Today i am making sausagerolls, quiche, and meat pies for the party on saturday!

Although tonights dinner will mostlikely be pasta
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Dottie's out of town, so I had yogurt. Trying to drop a few pounds!
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Saturday was date night, so we went to The Kickin' Chicken. I had a French Dip sandwich with chips, and a side house salad with balsamic vinegar.

Tonight I think I will either cook my penne with marinara and ground beef, or some three cheese tortellini with garlic bread
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Tonight we're having steak with buttered elbow macaroni and homemade biscuits.
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Neil is starting the firepit and I have defrosted some chicken breasts (for salads later this week), hot dogs, a tenderloin steak and one lone pork chop!! I baked some cheese-garlic biscuits and have mixed veggies (aspagus/carrots/zuchini/summer squash/vidalia onion/green pepper and a portobello) marinating in a vinagrette dressing for the fire too.
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We're having leftover barbecued chicken, as well as fresh green and wax beans, sauted with Swiss chard; the vegetables are freshly picked from the garden.
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i had spagetti
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i had a tuna salad!
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I am reviewing another cookbook, "The World in Bite Size," by Paul Gayler. So, tonight I am making shrimp a la plancha with mojo verde and mushroom and articoke escabeche.

We went out to a "Taste of Pleasant Hill" fest (next city from us) and had nibble-sized foods all night, plus martinis and wine so I was inspired. Besides, shrimp was on sale and I need to make the recipes anyway for the review.
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We went out and I had swordfish and salad, and honey had steak and salad.
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Sunday is dinner at Mom's and she made one of my all time favorites: kielbasa, sauerkraut and dumplings
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Yesterday we had a nice thick chicken jambalaya over whole wheat egg noodles, yum!

Tonight we are having sloppy joes... if someone remembers to pick up tomato paste! lol
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