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Cat Behavior

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Kitten throws temper tantrums

My six month old kitty, Molly, is a tricolor calico and adorable, very talkative, purrs alot, playful and has NEVER hissed at me or anything like that. BUT...whenever I have to do something or leave for work and must leave her in the bedroom with the door closed, she will whine and cry, on and on and on. I ALWAYS make sure nothing is wrong and that she has fresh water, food and clean litter. She always stops as soon as I walk in and starts to purr.

She is spayed and declawed in the front. she loves to be held and if I hold her and pet her and rub her belly, she just sits there and purrs and purrs. she also licks me and rubs up against me. She is a very lovable kitty, but the temper tantrums are driving me nuts. Any suggestions?
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Once you have children you will learn to ignore the tantrums!
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Welcome to the forums Tori!

It's obviously a token of love! Some cats are more dependent than others. You're lucky - many people complain that their cats are too independent. When you're at home don't lock her away in another room.

Have you considered adding another cat? Maybe if she had some company when you're gone she'd be more relaxed.

By the way, I'm moving the thread to behavior.
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Anne is right, some cats do not like being left alone and are very co dependant. As she said, It usually helps to get another kitty. Otherwise you could try hiding some new toys here and there to play with to keep her busy. Also try keeping a radio or the tv on for her. Good luck!
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Merlin throws a tantrum when I leave for work, sometimes too....he wants to come out with me...but after awhile, he stops meowing and whining....but as soon as he hears me come home....he's meowing and whining again till I open the door.
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Yeah, sometimes when I'm just approaching my apartment door after getting home from work I can hear Tabby crying for me inside (especially if I'm a little late - she knows when it's time for me to get home!). Then we have a nice cuddle for a bit once I'm inside. Unfortunately I don't have the time and money right now to get her a brother or sister to play with.
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Well by all means....if you ever have the time....and not the money.....don't hesitate to ask me....I can get you a cat for free...(my cats will have several babies this spring) and if we can figure out a way to get it to you..I wouldnt charge a penny!!
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Why do you lock her in the bedroom? Maybe she doesn't like being confined all day. Can she have free reign of the house? Cats correctly consider themselves royalty you know... master of all they survey!

Maybe the radio or TV would be reassuring?

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Tori, I also leave Merlin in the bedroom when I am at work, so don't feel bad. It is a big bedroom, and his food and water are in there and also cat toys and his scratching post. (and litterpan of course)

The reason i leave him in the bedroom is because Merlin is only 4 months old and loves to get into things. I have lots of houseplants, and breakable things which is okay when i am there to tell him "no" and keep an eye on him, but if i left him alone all day with free roam of the house, I would come home to all my plants upside down on the floor...things broken, etc.

Maybe when he is older and more mellow it won't be a problem. Of course I let him out of the bedroom as soon as I get home and he has free reign of the house all night.
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Debby - cost of getting a cat is no problem (my dad has 15 or 16 down at the barn, and I'd love to rescue one of them!), it's the vet bills. I've already had to spend about $400 or so just for Tabby's shots and spaying and associated vet costs.
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Oh I understand completely!!! I simply cannot afford to have all my cats spayed or neutered, and I don't have the money to give them all the shots they need either.

I do as much as I can...and for those of you who may think I shouldn't have cats at all, if i can't afford all they need...

I have 9 cats...all except Merlin (which was born here) have been rescued either from people who did not want them, or from shelters where they would be put to sleep.

I cannot afford shots for all of them...but they are all very very healthy, and loved. When I get some extra money, the cats will come first, and I will get their shots.

I hope you don't think badly of me...when I grew up here, on this very farm, 20 years ago, we had lots and lots of cats....none ever had shots, and all were fine.

I'm not advocating NOT getting the shots....but I think it is better for them to live with someone who loves them and treats them right than with someone who mistreats them, or for them to be put to death. In due time, they shall all get shots, I hope. When I can affoprd it.
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You really shouldnt feel you have to defend yourself. There are many people who do the same thing. I didn't give any of my cats shots until bringing home a sick one almost killed the other 3. I use a low cost spay and neuter mobil unit. I have to do it or I would have kittens all the time and theres not enough homes for the ones out there now. I just had to do one at a time till everyone was done, beleive me, I am still wearing cloths from the 80's for these guys. It will all work out in the end. Have you ever considered giving your own shots? It is not very expensive and fairly easy to do. The only one they need for health is the distemper. It protects them from upper respitory colds and such. Rabies is a legal issue and that has to be done by a vet. I am sure all of them know how lucky they are to be there!!
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Thank you, Sandie. I wasn't really sure how everyone would feel about that, so I guess I got defensive! Thanks for understanding!! I love my cats to death, but just don't have the money for shots right now....it's bad enough I have to take my german shepherd in to be spayed this month, which will cost an arm and a leg I'm sure....since they told me the price goes by weight (and she is big) and the average cat is $50 just to have spayed or neutered. Can you imagine me doing all 9 of them???? Oh my!! $ $ $ $ $
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