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how many times

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how many times a day is ok to give church treats he is 8 weeks.
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I don't know how many times is good. Wouldn't he/she be better off with food with nutrients rather than treats? Not criticizing your giving him/her treats, but kittens are awfully hungry because they're so active and need lots of nutrience to build strong little bodies.

My kitten is 3.5 pounds and I'm feeding him about 4 times a day. He doesn't get any treats...and I'm hoping he doesn't want's just that with my other cats..they became so whiny for treats that it was bothersome.

I always keep kibble and water out for him for any in-between meal snacking.

Hope that helps! I'm sure your kitty is happy to get the treats..they seem to really like them!
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my kittens food bowl is always filled. right now i only have to fill it twice a day. but i give him treats 2 to 3 times a day. i would never not feed a cat i also give him kitten food because he is a kitten.
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I have never given Kittens Treats at that age. I would wait until he got older.
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church11- What kind of "treats" are these? What's the name/brand?
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I don't give my 7 week olds any treats at all because they are so young. If I were I would only do it once a day in small doses.
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I would wait until your kitty fills out a bit before giving treats. With both of my cats, I found that giving them treats on a regular basis contributed to them being overweight. Now, they only get treats occasionally...very occasionally.

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I personally don't see a problem with giving a treat once a day, or even half since it is a kitten. A long as he/she is eating normally. A treat is just that, a "treat"
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it depends on the treat wheather or not I would give it at this young age... if your are talking a small piece of plain chicken then a piece a day is fine ... commercial treatsI would wait till about 3-4 months of age
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i have special kitty cat treats and meow mix cat treats.
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I do agree that at 8 weeks old, he is too young to be given treats, unless you are trying to reinforce positive behavior. Otherwise, just make sure he has adequate high quality food, plenty of water and lots of play/snuggle/cuddle time with you. I use treats with my 8 month old kitten sparingly and is reserved for special occasions only. If I am giving her new suggestions (in a dog's world, it'll be called teaching a new trick , ) then she will get more treats.
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As long as they are eating their normal food a few treats is ok. However, my young kittens (under 4 months old) would get shredded boiled chicken as "treats". Most adult treats are too big for small kittens to be eating.
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IMHO the treats your giving are not the greatest... BOTH have things like poultry by products , digest , sugar , artificial colors( BIG ALLERGEN) and lots of corn ...
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