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Post a picture of name of your cats favorite toy here

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Post a picture of name of your cats favorite toy here

I am looking for new cats for my toys, it seems like most toys i buy for them they do not play with

Do cats 3 years old still like to play with toys, they seem very playful to me, they love to play with each other but they do not seem interested in most toys i buy for them.
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Cats tend to like simple things.

Cardboard boxes are a huge favourite
Paper shopping bags
Milk caps
Feather wands
Da Bird (fishing pole-like toy with large feathers on the end that seem to flutter when you toss it around)
Laser Pen (don't shine it in their eyes!)
Furry stuffed mice
Catnip balls
Catnip Bananas seem to be a huge hit with some cats here.
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all our cats seem very interested in these (or similar):

they have them at our petco and other stores for like a dollar.. they don't last forever, but they are cheap and entertaining. some of them have bells also.
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my cat's like these:
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Oliver's 6 and still loves to play... I think his favorite (other than catnip) is the ping-pong type balls from petco that have like little beads or something inside that make noise... he likes to have you throw them up the steps to him and he chases them around the steps and on solid ground he likes to bunny kick them... we call them kitty eggs haha

He's also highly entertained by my aquatic african clawed frog - he likes to watch her swim lol
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The feather wands are George's favorite toy - as long as there is a bell attached. I'll wave it under something (blanket, rug) and he goes nuts!!! He's 6 and doesn't play much with his toys, but lately he's become interested again... especially the balls with noisemakers inside of them that he swats down the hall at 3am!

He also likes digging treats out of boxes ...
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Originally Posted by xLaydeexTaniax View Post
my cat's like these:
feather toys on a stick, thats the only toy my cat loves every time
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My cats love empty cardboard boxes, anything that they cat bat around and they love to play with each other. The red light was a biggy until Seldon busted us using it and figured it out. I guess he told the others because they aren't interested anymore either.
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well, Cable's favorite toy is ice... Pixel likes facial tissue balls & regular tissue paper. Java likes things covered in real fur, Chip is a catnipaholic... & Firefox's favorite toy is yet to be determined!
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Right now, my cats go nuts about some tinfoil tied onto a long piece of ribbon. Apparently, it's much more fun than any store bought toys.

All we did was take a piece of tin foil, folded it a few times into a small (1" by 3" maybe) rectangle, and tie a ribbon that I had left over from a gift around the middle of the tin foil piece (makes kind of a bow shape out of the tin foil).

It's an interactive toy, but sometimes I'll leave it on the floor for them (while I'm around of course) and one will walk around with the tin foil in her mouth while the other will chase the ribbon end.
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bought the 'cheese chase' for my kitties and they love it!
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Apart from that, their favorite toys are each other and found objects (like empty Tic-Tac containers and dirty socks).

Good luck finding toys your kitties like!
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Right now George is in the hallway trying to get into an empty box - kind of tall and skinny - that was to be thrown out. He's dragged it to the end of the hall and is having a grand time. Doesn't take much to make him happy!
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Kitty refuses to play with any shop bought cat toys. He loves bottle rings and sheets of paper with sticks waggled underneath

Maisies favourites are mice on sticks and cat nip stuffed soft toys.
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My kitties love the cat dancer. They have even opened the drawers to get it!! Pretty inexpensive.
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