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Talk about spoiled!

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For over 2 months now I've been eating vegetarian at home. And actually enjoying it.

Today I went grocery shopping and did my usual vegetarian shopping and as I was passing by the butcher counter I decided to pick up a top sirloin steak for Chynna. I had him cut it into 3 pieces and wrap each piece separately so that I can cook one piece and freeze 2 others.

Anyone else go out and buy steak especially for their cats?!!
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Now I am in trouble, Marcie just read your post and asked why she never got her own steak! Lucky Chynna
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Please don't make me post about how crazy I am about my cats.
Mary loves Steak. So when I make one we sit down and share it. One for me and one for her. The boys are food snobs so cooked human food is not good enough or them. They want their raw food and will hardly eat canned anymore.
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My SO is a cook in a restaurant, so I will occasionally ask him to bring home an order of plain poached chicken breast for the boys. I've also bought them deli roast beef, turkey, shrimp, and salmon, and they got a couple bites each of crab for their Gotcha Day back in February. They're not all that fond of steak or hamburger.
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Now that`s what I call spoilt!
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My DH has been known to give Stanley filet mignon just for looking cute. (now I didn't buy it just for Stan, but still...)
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The kitties will sometimes sample our meats, thanks to DH giving them pieces. Tiger goes all out with playing and guarding his portions.
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Ringo always gets a little sampling of whatever meats we're having. Sometimes she will eat it, sometimes not. She isn't too big on human food. My cat growing up, Bean, would eat just about any people food. She wanted my ice cream, rice, spaghetti, pizza, whatever! She got worse about it the older she got and I had to get pretty serious about protecting my food. Once my defenses were down, the Bean was on it! About the only thing I ever found that she would refuse was apple sauce.
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If Matilda comes near the dinner table while we're eating it's almost certain that she'll get a little treat in her bowl. I love to spoil her but I have yet to get a steak just for her. I'm sure you're kitty loved that!!
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(looks over shoulder at begging cats) oooh my poor Sasha and Zorro, now 'm feeling guilty for not giving them steak

But we had to be pretty strict about table food since we got Zorro, When he was a kitten (only three weeks old!) He was fed toast with peanut butter and jelly, and cows milk. The poor little guy was of course not in great shape when we rescued him, but ever since we haven't been able to let our guard down about it....I still remember one October he raided our supplies.....ripped open about 6 bags of chips, and ate almost all of them. Poor guy got a bellyache, but never learned......

anywho, sorry about my ramblings
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I think you have us beat! We feed our cats meat, mostly whatever we are eating, but Jon has been known to cook up some fresh caught fish or venison just for them.

...but to be a Vegetarian and buy it just for them, and have it specially cut! You rock! She has you wrapped around her little paw - gotta love it
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My kitties don't really care for steak that much but they love chicken and always have more of it than I do when I cook it for dinner.
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right now i dont have a fridge (im waiting for it to be delivered) and i dont have a stove due to a gas leak so ive been eating mickey ds. i usually eat happy meals but i always get a plain double hamburger (i get it unsalted) so my kitties can have a piece a meat for themselves LOL

i worked at this mcdonalds off and on forEVER when i was younger and id see ppl buying happy meals for their pets and getting cups of water without ice for their dogs, etc and id have to tell them how spoiled my cats were
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I'm vegetarian and often buy chicken for the kits My husband eats meat but I never let him have their chicken!
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Originally Posted by Marianjela View Post
She has you wrapped around her little paw - gotta love it

She sure does! Abby won't eat people food. She only likes dry food. Occasionally she will go and look at Chynna's plate hours later and eat the hardening left over wet food, but she won't eat it fresh! LOL
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I don't buy steaks for her but I do admit, my cat actually eats better things than her pescetarian owner...
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