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This is BULL

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DH and I got our stimulus check letter last week and it said we'd have our check by the 30th. Well that was yesterday and it's not here yet. I'm starting to get really mad because we need that money really, really badly. Has anybody gotten their checks in the mail when they were supposed too?
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We got our check about 2 weeks ago via snail mail

I hope you get yours soon
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I agree, hopefully you'll get it soon.
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Remember Monday was a holiday - so it may be a day or two later Ours won't come (by snail mail) till sometime in July. When we see it, we see it. We already know where most of the money is going anyway (to bills)
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Ours wont come until July.
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I didn't even realize that I was even supposed to expect a stimulus check until last week. I am SO naive!

Good luck getting it soon!!!
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Ours won't be here until July... Gr... It's because we went through H&R Block and even though we did direct deposit, it's still considered a paper check.
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I e-filed and direct deposited. My stimulus check was supposed to come the first week of May. It was direct deposited into my checking account on April 29. It was spent a long time ago.
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I just finished (over)spending ours yesterday. I bought a welder I've wanted for a long time, and a new HDTV.

So, I'm a patriot. You may salute when ready, Gridley.
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I got my check, then 3 days later got a letter telling me to expect it. I paid some bills and will be spending the rest on my rent this month.
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i got a letter as well saying it would be here on the 30th. It didnt come on the 30th, or 31st. Im HOPING its here for the 2nd, cause i have bills that are waiting for it!
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