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My cat has one watery eye

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This has only happened to her once before and that was years ago. One of her eyes is watering and she doesn't hold it open as much as the other one. Can I help her try to rinse it out or wash it off with something? If so, what? What should I look for, as to the cause? If I take her to the vet they aren't opened until Monday...thank you.
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That happened to my Dharma once - she got a bit of dust or feather toy in her eye - she squinted a bit and the eye looked watery (like we do if we get something in the eye). At the time I called the ER vet - they told me if the eye wasn't swollen, light sensitive, reddened, or had any colored discharge (like an infection) to keep an eye on her and try to rinse the eye area with sterile water or contact lens saline solution. If any of the other symptoms arose, I was to call them again and get in ASAP. Yes, I did spend a sleepless night chasing Dharma around and trying to look at her eye.

Turned out Dharma was ok - I took her into her regular vet the next morning, as I was just nervous, and had the eye checked thoroughly. The vet said she probably just got something in her eye and between the two of us, we had gotten it out.

Maybe call your ER vet just to run the symptoms by them, but I'm hoping it was just a bit of dust and she's better already.
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Thanks Darlili!
I will try the sterile water idea in a few minutes. I am nervous, but because it has happened before I think it probably is dust or something. I just feel so sorry for her to possibly have something in her eye. I know when I do, I can't do anything until I get it out...thanks again!
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I just blot it off with a tissue or a warm wash cloth. It might be something as temporary as allergies, but watch the eye and if you start seeing any colored discharge, take her to the vet.
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