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Cronus is home!

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I've had my signature up of my new boy that was "Coming Soon!" for about a month now I think Well, he's home today! I met Eileen at a halfway point and did the transfer. So Cronus is here, hiding under the bed My resident crew really didn't seem to give him a second thought and there was only mild hissing from him, so I'm betting that he'll be just a regular old family member really soon

Also, he sure is a gorgeous cat!
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Welcome Home, Cronus. You have a very special family there.
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*cough* pictures *cough*
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom View Post
*cough* pictures *cough*
Eileen posted pics in Fur pics a couple weeks ago might be awhile before you all get ones from me, but then you knew that
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Welcome home Cronus!!!
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Welcome to TCS kitty Cronus!!
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Welcome home, Cronus. You're a lucky boy to have such a great meowmy. Have fun playing with all your new brothers and sisters.

I'll miss you sweet boy!
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welcome home!
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Welcome home Cronus!
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It's about time!

Congrats to both you & Eileen!
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Enjoy your new home Cronus!
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Aww, I am glad he is finally home with you, I hope he settles in well.
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Aww yay!
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Welcome home, Cronus! You probably don't know it yet, but you are one lucky kitty.
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Congrats on your new addition!
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Congrats!!!!!!!!! He is gorgeous He looks a lot like my Mish!
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So far Cronus has spent a lot of time under the bed, but the rest of my crew is going on like nothing is out of the ordinary I don't see taking 2 weeks like Deedle did, so I expect him to be out investigating the rest of the house in a matter of days
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Deedle is such a funny guy.

Sending it's not scary, come out soon Cronus' way!
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Katie, I'm glad to here he's finally made it to his forever home.
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Thats exciting! Can't wait for more pictures!
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