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Thanks everyone, again. All of my cats are very special, but Meme was very special to me, she was always where I was, talking to me, sitting on me I feel like I've been in a fog. I am absolutely devastated, I want my Pink Lady back
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I am so sorry Katie. When I saw Demeter and I just knew you had suffered another loss. It always harder when it is one of the "special" ones.

I adore all my kitties to, but when Fletcher died it seemed like the world ceased to exist. He was just extra special, an old soul or something. It sounds like Demeter had the same affect on you.

I have a feeling your new beautiful boy Cronus is going to turn into another special one. Fletcher sent me Pumpkin.. I honestly believe the timing of Cronus finally getting to you and the loss of Demeter were not a coincidence.

Lots of love and grief healing thoughts coming your way.

RIP sweet Demeter, you have many friends waiting at the bridge.
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Katie, I'm so sorry. It is so darn hard to lose one of our babies that it does actually leave us speechless at first reaction. RIP sweet one.

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Oh Katie I am so sorry

You have been through so much lately, and now this..

Rest in peace, sweet one
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i'm so sorry. what a terrible, terrible shock for you.

RIP precious demeter.
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I could have sworn I already posted in this thread and I'm so sorry that I haven't.

I'm so sorry that you lost your sweet girl, Katie.

Rest In Peace little one
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Oh, I do not know how I missed this I am so terrible sorry.
May she play happily over the rainbow bridge.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Rest in Peace Demeter.
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i'm sorry to hear that sorry for your loss and I hope you feel a little better knowing that your little one is having fun with other cats on the otherside
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I am so sorry Katie!!

Demeter RIP.
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RIP Meme
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I'm so sorry to hear this very sad news. Rest in peace, sweet Demeter.
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How did I miss this thread? I'm so sorry, Katie. What a terrible shock. Lots of love coming your way (& Demeter's.)
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Oh Katie no!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven't been around much, so I'm just now seeing this - but I am just so, so, so, so sorry.

I really don't have any words for you. Of course you're in a fog. I'm sending heaps of comfort vibes your way, though it'll take a lot more than that to heal your heart.

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