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2x2 ring shows later...

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We had a 2 ring show last weekend and another 2 ring show today (Saturday) and as you all may have read I am showing Suria, on a DW campaign, and agenting a friend's Wegie to Grand as a GP....

Here's the minimal results:

The Wegie - Russmania Babylon Stone (Malaysian Call name : Da Blob to which he answers to ) GRANDED!

Suria - 3rd Highest Scoring in both shows! (3rd and 5th in last weekends', 2nd and 5th today).

A good start to the show season I think!

Pictures to follow as soon as I wake up!
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Wow - congrats to you and the cats Job well done
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Go team!!
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Congrats to you and the cats
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These were NOT taken by me:

My beloved son, Suria:

Da Blob who is granded:

The main competition in the two shows, Alan:

A gorgeous Birman called Eiman (highest scoring kitten overall)


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Nice looking Oriental (lavendar spotted?) and Birman - is the Birman a chocolate point?
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Rosa is classified as a chestnut Spotted Oriental....and yes, the Briman is chocolate pointed
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Kinda light for a chestnut - looks more like a lavendar on the body, but the feet do look darker - that's why I was not sure
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Congratualtions! The birman is beautiful! Well, they all are for that matter.
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No.2 cat in premiership (finally found the right pic):

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He is fluffy! I need to get Maxx fluffed out! I understand the judges like the neutered cats to be slightly hefty (not fat) and I've had trouble getting Maxx to fill out. Maybe it's because he has only been neutered since October?
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I've never shown persians before but I do know that maintaining weight while campaigning is difficult. I believe Numen (the black persian above) is around 12-14 lbs (around 6.5kg). His coat however, is in perfect condition...
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