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update on Piper

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HI All! OFr those of you that followed my thread on "help with abused cat" Piper, I though you'd like to know how much things have changed. I have been busy recently. I got a third kitten Roxy, She had a bad URI and gave it to my other cats Piper and Leo, but that's antoher story. They are alll fine now, and the most amazing thing has happenned. Our new kitty Roxy, jumps like crazy everywere. Since we got her, Piper behavior has drastically changed, not that she likes Roxy so much but she has become more like a typical cat! We now have caught her on counters, tables the cat trees and places she would never go before, she never jumped always stayed grounded, and never played, now we catch her rolling swatting toys when she thinks we are not looking! Its great! But this is not what you ar going to beleve!! SHE JUMPS ON MY HUSBNADS LAP EVERYDAY SOMETIMES A FEW TIMES A DAY AND RUUBS, HEAD BUT AND PURRS AND LOVES GETTING PETS BEGGING FOR IT! This from a cat we could not touch before without a hiss and growl and swat! She is actually more of a lap cat than my kittens who only stay and Rub for short periods where Piper rubbs him consistantly for 10-20minutes! Now you can imagine how happy I was for Piper, but also upset that it was my husband she chose not me!(after all I have done) But today right now I am in his computer room (the only place she jumps on him) and she jumped on me!!!! I am so happy I can't explain it! She didn't rub me as much, but was asking for pets, and it wasn't for as long but still amazing! The first few times she jumped on my husband I beleived she jumped but not rubbed since she never does that, so his video taped it with his computer cam and when I saw I was amazed! She also walks with her tail up alot more, and wile she is on our laps, where before as soon as you came near it wagged like crazy. She also comes when I call her. She does still run if we go to her, she has to come to us only and has made this very clear! With certain strangers she has been hanging around not hiding, but others she will still hide. She still runs if you approach or walk near her, but not everytime, some times she sits and lets you walk by. I know that may never change but as long as I can see her happy like this I am thrilled! I will post pics today or tommorrow, anyone know I site where I could put the video??
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Anita that is WONDERUL!!!!! I'm so happy for you and Piper. I understand your feelings well, my Ophelia also chose hubby as her person even though I spent loads of time with her getting her used to us. Sandi's Lucky did the same thing. Seems to be a pattern with ferals/abused girl kitties.

Thank you for the update!
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That's wonderful! Sound's like she is getting happy,and like's you!
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