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Saturday!! What are Your Plans?

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Morning All!!!!

Very stormy day here in Cottage Country. Woke up to severe thunderstorms about 5A.M.. They actually knocked the power out for a couple of hours and scared the poor kitties pants off..
All has quieted down for now although it is still raining and there is a chance of more storms later..

I am off work today which is nice, I had my knees worked on yesterday and they are 200% better and it is fantastic to not having them bothering me.

So today I have tons of house work to catch up on and various chores I have been putting off. Depending if the weather cooperates I may go out for a bit this afternoon and grab a few things I need.

Also need to do a mini spa day for the kitties, clip nails, clean ears, and a good brushing for each.

Tonight I am going to veg in front of the TV they running several episodes of StarGate SG1 on one of the channels I get and it's a favorite.

Everyone have a great one
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We had thunderstorms here during the night and it is supposed to be partly cloudy and windy here today.

My hubby made breakfast for me (yogurt mixed with bran buds) and he even put rainbow sprinkles on top (such a sweet guy!)

I plan on keeping my butt parked on my end of the sofa all weekend so that hopefully I can get through work next week.
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I'm going to my brother-in-law and his girlfriend's high school graduation today then there's going to be a big lunch with the in-laws afterward. It should be fun. They're a crazy family! (Crazy in a good way, of course!!)
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Today I have been for an interview at a kennels and cattery for a work placement for my college course. Don't know if I got it yet though, need to go for a trial day first. Yay "a whole day walking dogs" is how the manager put it
Later I went horse riding and it was very hot but Monty still managed to bolt off with me.
And today Mitzi got stuck on the roof so I had to go rescue her, and from then on she's been asleep on my bed.
Sorri i know this is a bit of a late reply!

Laura & Mitzi xoxoxox
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It is cool, windy and cloudy this morning. DH is off getting bagels, our Sat. morning treat.

We are going to a benefit event for the Chamber of Commerce of a neighboring city tonight from 6 - 10 pm. It is going to be great with food from the local restaurants, including the one where we spent New Year's Eve, and wine pouring from our favorite wine merchant. It is a black and white casual attire affair, so 2 weeks ago when it was 104 F I bought this skimpy B&W sun dress that if I were to wear tonight I would freeze my tuckus off (that is Yiddish for your derriere). I am looking in my closet for other outfits.

I am getting my makeup done at the Benefits counter before which should be fun.
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Today I got up at 4:30am so I could travel over to see my sister before she goes back to Orkney tomorrow. She`s staying where we grew up and I haven`t been back there for at least 6 years so it was kinda weird.

Got some beautiful flowers to put on my mums grave and had a wander round and lunch and a coffee. Got back at 5pm to find Kitty most annoyed that I left him all day

Hope everyone has a good day!
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Took a couple mile walk this morning then started on the veg garden and its about 80% planted. Have to buy some onion sets/seedlings and gold potatoes. The corn is soaking as it germinates faster so that will go in tonite or tomorrow. I have I think about 18 rows which each are about 40 ft long. I put in 28 tomato plants & 18 broccoli-YIKES!!!

Neil is working on replacing the outside faucet on the east side of the house I can then water the plants/seeds in as its windy again and put down the straw mulch around the tomatoes.

I bought 1 shrub and 7 more perennials last night so I have about 2 dozen to find spots for in my gardens!! Might weed too.

We may have company this evening also....
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DH is on the roof, fixing some things (leaks) and I am painting some boards for shelves. Will so a little yard work later. Quick grad party to go to (friends in church).
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Going shopping with hubby today to buy him a new suit and some new ties and shirts. I probably won't have time to make dinner so we will have to eat out - woo hoo!
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I just got home from working 7:45-2 today. It was really busy, I think everyone wanted to get out before the storm. On the way home, I decided to stop at A&W to get some lunch and the weather got really bad. It was so windy and there was hail. According to the weather network the hail was 25mm thick and I believe it, it was huge. Its storming pretty bad still, but the rain has calmed down.
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Not too much planned here today. Colin is helping my brother-in-law move some furniture at the moment so it's just me and the furbabies. Later he's supposed to try and fix my laptop (the dogs were playing around a few days ago and accidently knocked it over and broke it so i'm now sharing a pc with him). I've just been doing a little housework and running SAR drills with Fosters. That's pretty much it for now.

Nothing planned for tonight, i think we'll just play it by ear. We may go get some dinner or do something with my sister and her family.
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It's a beautiful sunny day here in southwestern Ohio!!

Hubby and I will be going to celebrate our nephews birthdays--turning 1 and turning 3 (yep, 2 years and one day apart--talk about planning)

We are also having fun with our new cat Harley!

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As it was beautiful and sunny today, we went out for breakfast. well after buying some needy thing on the way out the skies looked so angry, needless to say it downpoured on us. Fh loved it as we dont get much rain in Australia, he got fully soaked!

anyway after dropping FH home, i went and did some more food shopping for the Eparty next weekend!
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DH and I slept in til almost 11am this morning - latest in awhile!! Went outside and watched him cut up a few more trees from the pile the clearer left. It was REALLY hot out, in the 90s with high humidity (remembering again why I dont like living in SC during the summer...) so I went in after an hour or so. He followed an hour or so later

Now he's looking at the bikes hanging in the garage, since we both want to start biking to lose weight/get in shape. I'm awaiting our date night Then we'll probably watch a movie when we get home, and that'll be our Saturday!
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I've been very lazy. I worked a lot of hours last week so I'm taking it easy. I slept until about 10:00 a.m. Also took a bunch of pictures of stuff I'm selling and listed on ebay. That takes forever (had 12 items to post). Now I've just been playing on the computer. It's 4:37 P.M. and maybe I'll go take my shower now. What a day!
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I went out with my mom today and we got lunch and then went and got some scratching post/climbing toys for the kittens to play on.

Haven't really done too much else, just doing stuff around the house. It's so hot outside.
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We went to the Apricot Fiesta today and it was fun. Tomorrow we are going to a Food Fair.
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We went out for lunch today, then I picked up some crackers, snacks and cat litter for my two and then we went to the Library.
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I worked till 12, then just hungout till my boyfriend got home. Then we went and did errands, and both got new cell phones! I'm exhausted, so I'll probably be in bed real early.
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