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Has anyone ever heard of this drink? It's one of those "fad" type drinks that are going around at the moment. Supposedly super healthy super food type thing, full of anti-oxidants and such.

I've always had a sensitive stomach, and I've talked to many doctors about it. Everyone says a different thing, and I've tried a few things, none with much success. Lately, people (not doctors), have been telling me to try this stuff.

Since between everyone here at TCS, I know someone here knows something about everything, so I was hoping maybe some of you have heard of this or have an opinion. Is anyone else here taking it, or knows anyone who is, or is considering it? If so, do you like it? Does it seem to help you?

If anyone is interested, here are some websites:

The Wikipedia Website (read with a grain of salt!):

The company's website:

Thanks in advance!