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Is this a male calico tabby???

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The kitten on the bottom..... I'm not sure if it's just a plain tabby or not. I've heard a vet call the mom a calico before. She's got the black, grayish-brown, and white markings, but she's obviously some sort of tabby. She's had litters before with tabbies in them. This last litter has the kitten on the bottom, which has the orangish-brown and black stripes, and then white on the face and bottom. It IS most definitely a male. I've tried to research a little, and it seems like maybe they're torby's? (Tortoiseshell tabbies?) And that males are rare for those, too? Any help would be appreciated!
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Thats not a calico male.
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No its just a brown tabby - there is no red in it.
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They are all just mackerel tabbies, including mom.
That little male and mom are beautifully marked brown tabbies, they others look to be blue tabbies.
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It looks like a regular tabby to me. I believe, I was always told that "calico" is actually a genetic mutation and identifiable by dna. Years ago Barnum and Bailey (circus) posted a reward for a proven (by dna) male calico. No one has ever been able to claim the reward. You might be able to google it but they had a big article about it. This could have also just been a big come on by them, but I thought it was funny that they did it. I personally have never seen a male calico.
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So cute! Look at that proud mama!
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I've personally known and seen 3 calico males. Two were cornish rexes. Both were fertile and sired litters. Friends of mine own one of the males (he's thrown some weird colors at times). They both are gentically "black" cats - they can't produce both black and red on kittens like females can; but they are male calicos!

The other was a blue cream longhair male in the household pet class (neutered). They do exist. Even rarer is a FERTILE male calico that can produce kittens.
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Male calicos definitely exist. My sister has a dilute male calico, and for years I thought one neighborhood calico was a female, but when I actually took a look, it turned out to be a male.
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