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Bea *might* FINALLY be going home soon.

I got to guts to call the lady after worrying myself sick for over a week.

She is definately still interested (despite litterbox issues, biting, health issues, etc). We're looking at next week or the week after. She hasn't gotten an exact date for me, yet....which I'm OK with.

I hope & pray this works out for Bea....I have no idea what I'd do if she doesn't take her. (She hates other animals, which I have an abundance of)

I've never met a cat more deserving of a furr-ever home than Bea. I wish I could get you guys good pics of her toes....she hasn't got any. Seriously, she has almost no toes left.
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Hoping it works out for Bea, and she can go to a new home!

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My thoughts are with you and Bea, hopefully she will find her new home very soon
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Sending major vibes that things work out for Bea. She deserves it!
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Lots and lots of vibes going out to Bea!!
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I hope Bea gets her forever home
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Lots and lots of for Bea. Poor sweetheart really deserves a break.
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Sending lots of vibes for Bea!
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