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Rescued kittens throwing up?

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About 2 - 3 days ago we pulled a total of 7 kittens from an abandoned house where I had been feeding the strays that were left behind and the ferals that showed up. The 7 have loose bowels which I expected because of the food change (from Mom to wet/dry) but now they are throwing up. The biggest one, Big Boy, started vomiting food and is now vomiting foam. They have all thrown up at least once if not more since this morning.

My hubby thinks it's because they were in a filthy (sp) environment and now they have something clean to eat from and clean air to breathe so they are barfing out the bad?!

Anyway, I'm keeping them hydrated and keeping an eye on them as the vet opens Monday and I'll get an appointment then. Any ideas as to why they are throwing up?

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Wow, way too many possibilities. Any idea how old they are? They could be reacting to something in the food or have worms or some other heath issue. When I have had kittens that seemed to do that type of behavior I usually put them on a really bland diet. You might try giving them a mixture of kitty fomula mixed with some baby rice cereal and see if they can hold that down. Yogurt also works I would start with formula mixed with plain. Most of the time the foam is just stomach bile, but it can also be an illness. Hard to tell without being there. If it seems like maybe they just have nothing left in their stomach to throw up then that can be it. Keep them warm and lots of water. Feed them small amounts so they don't try to eat too fast. Good luck.
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I think they need to see a vet. It could be something very serious or a parasite or food allergies. It is hard to tell. The kittens I rescued ate Wellness kitten food right away without an issue.
Depending on age it could be a variety of things. I would do the bland diet in smaller more frequent doses and then see if they can eat.
Do they have fevers or any other symptoms?
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Feline Panluekopenia is a big problem in kittens, and it kills quickly.
Do they have any diarreah?
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No other symptoms but loose bowls and the vomiting. Amazingly, none have vomited today that we know of. All of them are running around playing and acting like nothing was going on.

They eat 3 times a day and now it's nothing but a whole can of wet mixed with water. I did make some Meow Mix dry kitten food with water and it seemed to coincide (sp) with the vomiting so I took that away.
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I'd just keep a close eye on them.. make sure they all continue to be active, no move vomiting or loose stools.

May have been the food even. Did you always have them on the meow mix?
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No. That was the first time they ever had it and I'd ever used it. I usually use Purina One dry kitten or even Maxx Cat Kitten food.
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MM is not suitable for cats let alone kittens. heavy dyes and fillers used making this product.
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Ick. No wonder they were vomiting after eating it. Glad I took it away from them. Poor babies.
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Originally Posted by ChrissyR View Post
Ick. No wonder they were vomiting after eating it. Glad I took it away from them. Poor babies.
I know. When I first started learning about food I could not believe the junk in them. I would have just grabbed something from the store without imagining it could be toxic.
Hopefully the vomiting stopped. Keep us updated on the little ones.
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