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brand new persian HELP

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HI- i have a 5 year old male persian. we just got another lil baby persian male today. i have the baby in a seperate room by himself. how long do i need to keep him seperated from the older guy until they meet? also the baby is hiding under the bed crying....and wont come out? is this common?
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Do you have them on either side of a door? Are they sniffing at each other at all? Sometimes when you introduce a kitten to a grown cat the grown cat will "adopt" the kitten when they wouldn't warm up that quickly to another grown up. How young is the kitten? Is he afraid of you, and does he have food, water & litter in his room?
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I don't know if you've seen these yet, but there is an introductions article on this website as well as an introductions thread on these forums.
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the kitten is 1 week and yes he is in seperate room with water and food. the older cat knows something is going on as he can hear the crying...but i think he is a bit afraid of whats going on. and yes i think the kitten is afraid of everything. he is under the bed non stop crying
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You've had the kitten for one week or is it one week old?
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the kitten is one week old. sorry
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That's not a good thing. You should read this this thread, and will be very useful for you. You might also want to start your own thread over in the Pregnant Cats and Kitten Care forum.

Hopefully, you're wrong on the kitten's age. If the kitten is already weaned, then you'll still have to do some special things to take care of a younger cat away from its mom, but it will be much easier. Cats in general are usually quite upset and shy when they are moved to a new home, and with a 3 month old kitten, you should let the kitten alone to get used to the room by itself. If it's really young, though, you need to give it a very small safe, warm place to stay.
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are his eyes open?
i don't understand where you would get a 1 week old kitten - is he a rescue?
if he truly is only 1 week old, you're going to need some kitten milk replacer for him. i like the just born brand - it's carried at Petco & Petsmart.
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i am SO sorry -- the little kitty is 8 weeks old and not 1. total mistake on my part.
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*whew* you had us worried!
you still might want to give him some kitten replacement milk [KMR] because he's still a bit young... is he still under the bed? he's probably crying because he misses his mom & littermates.
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he is out from under now. been starting to move around and check things out. my older cat snoop is very curious as to whats going on in that room. i let snoop smell my hands when i come out and he sniffs forever. i also took a blanket that the little guy slept on and had snoop smell it this morning. i am just curious as to how long i need to wait to let them meet etc?
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I usually let them sniff at each other from under the door for a few days and then bring the new cat out (or the old cat in the new cats room) for a few minutes to see how they tolerate each other. Let them sniff and hiss if they want. Then slowly increase the time they are together, as tolerated. I've had to take up to a month or as little as a week before.
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It depends on how Snoop is with other cats...and how scared the kitten is..My males almost always accept new arrivals within a couple of days my female on the other hand hates new arrivals and it takes her many weeks to accept them...if snoop is calm and the kitten is doing well you can let them check out each other supervised...I hold the new little one I have shes about 5 weeks old and was found in a parking lot while I let my other guys sniff far my himalayan Hemi is the only one I trust around her but I still supervise them. they play well and Hemi doesnt seem to mind her at all. Tigger mothers her he will lick her but gets aggervated easily if she tries to play with him. She is in a room by herself when I cant supervise her play and out running around when I can. I hope this helps.
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OK thank you- once they meet do i keep 2 seperate litter boxes and 2 seperate sets of foodand water dishes?
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I only have one set of food and water for three cats and one set for the kitten because she needs kitten food and not cat food. The litter box rule is that you should have one litter box per cat + 1 extra box so you would need three boxes total if you have two cats.
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Is your older male neutered? If not, this could cause a potential problem later on.

We were breeding persians many years ago and our stud, Tedi, was not neutered. We kept one of the other male kittens we had, a gorgeous male calico persian, who was neutered and as he got older the two males no longer got along.

Are you planning on getting the kitten neutered? Everything should go fairly smoothly if both are neutered.
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ok thanks again. how do i keep the lil guy from trying to eat the older cats food? he is running around and will just stop and put his nose in the bowl etc? is there a trick?

also Snoop(the older persian) seems to be warming up to the lil guy, but he is not used to all the running around and jumping etc and he sometimes gets nervous and runs off. is this common? how do you evr know if the older cat accepts the little one? is it perfectly obvious?
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Yes Snoop is Neutered and we plan on getting the lil guy done as well as soon as he is ready.

is it possible that Snoop (even though older and been around the house) is afriad of this lil guy?
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If you keep the food out in the open there is really no way to keep the little one out. I would try to put the kitten food in seperate room and if the kitten gets hungry, put it in the other room where his food is. Just keep doing this to reinforce and let the kitten know that is his food.

Your older cat may feel a little intimidated to having a new kitten. If they don't get along they will start hissing and growling at each other. If they accept each other, they will smell each other and just keep an eye out to see what the other does. It will take time.
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ok great thank you
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Some people have had trouble with rambunctious kittens annoying mature cats; it's probably a good idea to make sure that there is somewhere (up high, maybe?) that the adult go to escape from the kitten.

It sounds like they are getting along well, though; I wish you that they will soon be very happy and very comfortable with each other.
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thanks for all the advice. snoop is getting more comfortable with the lil guy, although he stillisnt used to the playful style all day long. i guess it will take time
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