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Walking / Biking

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The company I'm working at has decided to do some "Wellness" stuff, such as walking, discounted gym memberships, etc. I'm thinking it's time for me to do some more walking. I'm feeling pudgy lately, and at 108 lbs the heaviest I've ever been (I'm 5'3", yeah I know that's considered average [BMI of 19.2], but I can see/grab the pudge these days). I also just need to get into shape in general. When I was 14-17 or so, I used to walk A LOT. I even lost 10lbs one summer just walking into town and hanging out with my best friend. Now I'm so ridiculously out of shape, it's unreal!!

Rob and I belonged to a gym for awhile, but then got caught up with rebuilding an engine for someone that took up 6 months of our time after work. Went to the gym a few more times before our membership ($560/person for 18mos!) ran out. We might have used 6 months total, and only went 2-3x a week at the time. I suggested walking to him tonight, since he also complains about needing to lose weight/get in shape. He suggested we start biking on a trail behind our property on Sunday. That would also probably be the only place to walk, as where we live currently is off a busy road, and there really isn't a "block" to walk around.

I bought a pedometer some odd months back, but it never worked right. It would read all sorts of crazy steps. I'd walk one, it'd register 5. Then I'd walk another and it'd register 1, etc. I think the batteries died in it. My job has a "Walking Challenge" now, where you log your steps into the system (on the honor system, I presume!). They gave pedometers out at the wellness clinic they had, but I was too busy that day to find time to take out of my day and go. I emailed the lady about getting one, but she didn't respond by the time I left work.

So does anyone else make a habit of walking or biking? Does it really energize you? Make you feel better because you are doing something? Now I just hope we can keep to it, unlike the gym situation!!
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I walk every day. I usually walk about 2-3.5 mile with my dogs at least once a day.
I also go biking and rollerblading when I can. It's very good exercise but I can't go long distances right now because I'm rather out of shape. Hopefully I'll be able to build up distances as I get in better shape. It feels good to be out and moving but I wouldn't say it energizes me exactly.
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I'm not really out of shape... because I've never been in shape, not in my whole pathetic life! I've been skinny, but I've never been fit.

But I've now walked every single day for the past two months -- almost always between 20 and 30 minutes each day (though sometimes as long as an hour). That doesn't sound like much, but for me, it's a miracle.

And the change in my body is amazing! I began to see it within two weeks, and now, two months into it, my hips and legs are firm, and I'm so strong! Even though I've done almost nothing toward working on anything besides my legs, I am stronger all over -- I can lift heavy things much more easily, I have much greater stamina, and it doesn't seem like a chore just to get up out of a chair anymore.

Not that you'd know about that, you tiny little thing.

Anyway... for the first time in my life, I'm really enjoying exercise. I actually find myself itching to get up and move! And walking is what started it. I don't know whether I'm generating endorphins, as they say you do, or if it's just the euphoria of finding out that I can, in fact, CHANGE myself -- but something good is happening for me! I hope you have the same great experience when you start walking...
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I`ve been pretty unfit for the last few years so I totally understand what you mean I went from 8 and a half stone to 9stone 11!!!!! Like you said, not overweight for my height but overweight for me.

January I quit smoking so that made me feel fitter then a few weeks ago I decided I wanted to take part in a charity run that is being held here next month soooo I started running!

A few weeks ago I would never have imagined it but but now I go for a run 6 mornings a week and I love it! Even having to get up early, thought that would be my down fall but because it`s only 15 days to the big day I`ve got motivation

Even though I can`t run for very far yet I do feel so much better mentally and physically and it is invigorating I guess you need to find the right exercise for you and set some goals and go for it!
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