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Rocko And Ree Ree

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They are both beautiful kitties! I have to admit, I Rocko. Shh, don't tell my boys!!
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Awww Rocko and Ree Ree are such beautiful kitties
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Gorgeous kitties!! I love the name Ree Ree! And Rocko, too! It suits them!
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Rocko looks like he has a beard in the photo. I have rarely seen longer haired tuxedoes. They are both cutie pies.
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Rocko is definately a handsome kitty. VERY other two don't shed nearly as much as he does...if I had known I may not have taken home....good thing I had no idea! Because he is an awesome addition to my family.

I have much better photos to share of Rocko that will really show how gorgeous he is

I will try to get to it soon
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I just ADORE those white whiskers!

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oh rocko is lovely with his white chin and bib! and ree ree has grown from a super cute kitten to a super gorgeous kitty!
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