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Saturday's DT

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It is raining. Ick! I am going to Petsmart and petco! I have to drive 45 minutes away,so I don't get to go very oftern!
I had to move the kitties out of my bedroom,they are walking now and more awake at night,they drove me nut;s all night,mommy let me move them to the living room,into a new box.I put a cover on the top,and she seem's ok with the move.
Hope everyone has a good day,God Bless,Support our troope's.
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Good morning! There's really not much going on in my corner of the world, but I haven't posted for a while and thought I'd take this opportunity to just pop in and say "Hi".

We've had to re-do inventory at work... there were a couple of HUGE mistakes that put the figures at an unbeliveable rate and messed up the tax returns. Of course, we noticed it AFTER we filed the company return. Oh well! It's not like it can't be ammended, but it sure is a LOT of work right now!

Spawn is doing just great, but her best pal Billie (our rottie) has bone cancer. We're putting her down on Friday the 4th... she's not eating any longer and the pain meds aren't working (even when we give her 2 or 3 TIMES what she's supposed to get). It wasn't an easy decision, but one that just had to be made.

I hope everyone has a really relaxing, good weekend!
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Hi Jin! Good to see you!
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Hi Deb! Hope you're doing well!
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Same old, same old, I guess.
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Jin, I'm so sorry to hear about Billie. (But it is very good to see you again!)

We've got tickets to the Avalanche Game this afternoon. YAY!!! First game we've been to this season, besides pre-season. They are playing the Phoenix Coyotes. Should be fun.

Other than that, not much going on. Just a typical weekend.
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Jin - I am so sorry about Billie!

Hit Petsmart, Costco and Krispie Kreme today. May go out to the drive in tonight to see Tears of the Sun and Basic. It depends on if it clears up or not - it is kind of damp looking and cool here. I will bring a blankie so I won't get cold.

My mom is doing a bit better today, but is lonely with the hospital quarentine. Supposedly my grandmother has told everybody that my mom is dying (As they weren't able to remove all of her cervix). Oma told my great aunt, who told my godmother who called my sister, who called my mom asking if there was something she wasn't tell us. Doctor says everything should be find, now we just have to track down who was told the story and set the record straight.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Heidi - have a great time at the game!
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Is it still Saturday with you guys? It's six and a half hours into Sunday here

I'm up after a night of very very little sleep (maybe 1 hour) and on my way to the gym.

Nice to see you Jin - so sorry about Billie
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