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Any advice about cleaning service?

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I did something I've never done in my life: hired a woman to come to my house tomorrow to clean it. I had surgery on my hand a few weeks back and haven't really been able to use it since then. I've been able to use the vacuum cleaner as that is one handed (took me 2 days), but can't do things that involve water (try wringing a mop or a rag with one hand). OK, I can sort of do it, but it takes too long. DH doesn't recognize dirt if it hits him upside his head. I couldn't stand the filth any longer.

So if you've ever done this, on either end of the equation, what should I do in preparation for her visit? She's bringing some of her cleaning supplies but will use most of mine. Do I just pull everything out and leave it in one place, or tell her where they are stored and let her find them? Since she's charging by the hour, I want to make things as easy as possible for her. She's going to dust, vacuum, scour the bathrooms, wash the floors and clean the counters. Tomorrow morning I will remove the clutter off the top of things to make it easier for her.

I've warned her about all the cats. She won't touch litter boxes (darn!).
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My step mum keeps the supplies in a tub and leaves it out in the laundry for her cleaner. They don't do any pre-clean up except for making sure there's no clothing on the floor (they have kids)
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Originally Posted by missymotus View Post
They don't do any pre-clean up except for making sure there's no clothing on the floor (they have kids)
Our neighborhood planned a community garage sale months ago and I had collected a lot of stuff that I planned to put out. The neighbors put out some of it because it was right after the surgery and I couldn't do it. Now I have piles and piles of stuff everywhere. Perhaps I'll just corral that up into one place and she can work around it.

And maybe I'll get DH to clean the garage tomorrow.
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The person who cleans for me brings all her own cleaning supplies. The only thing I provide are the trash bags. All I had to do was tell her where they are.

The only other exception is most of the time she uses my vacuum. At most of her other clients houses she brings her own. But since I am in an apartment on the third floor it easier for her to use mine.

When I know she is coming I try to hide the clutter.

In my case I have been very lucky to have found someone who is really good and honest. I honestly don't know how I would manage without her.

And the best part is she is a cat person. Has four of her own. Not only does she wash and refill Chester's water dish she will scoop if necessary.

Chester hides in the walk in closet all the time she is here and she does not vacuum in there.
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I only have someone come for me when I am having many people over and what I do is leave everything in one area for her. Since I have the cats, I want to to use my own cleaning supplies that I know what chemicals they are, along with a big controlling list of exactly what I want done.

I also only use one that charges per job and not per hour. They coud take forever that way.
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Amy, I wouldn't let her use anything BUT your own stuff. Especially the vacuum -- there's no telling what it might carry in from someone else's house. Also, I'm sure you don't buy any cleaning products that would leave a residue that's unsafe for the kitties... so if she sticks to your stuff, you know you're safe.
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You don't have to clean up for her arrival. Yes, tidy up and put things away, but no dusting, wiping, washing, sweeping etc is needed

Just have the cleaning supplies put out.

Mop and Pail
Dusting spray if you use it
Windex if you have glass tables

Chances are she will only be doing light house keeping and won't be moving furniture to get under and behind things.

Things she should be doing:

mopping floors
cleaning the bathroom (tub, sink, toilet). Some don't clean the wall tiles/tub surround
wash and put away dishes
wipe kitchen counters and stove top and back spash
spot wipe walls around light switches
1 or 2 loads of laundry
Ironing if necessary

I have someone come in every 2 weeks and she does the above. It takes about 2 hours. I do my own laundry, but if she were to do a load or 2, that would add another hour to her being here.

If this will be a recurring service, you can also in the future ask that she clean out the fridge and clean the oven. Of course that takes longer, so if you aren't prepared to pay for extra time, then some other things will have to go undone to fit those 2 things in. And you'll probably have to spay the oven with Easy-Off before she arrives so that it has a chance to work.

Things that general housekeeping doesn't include is wall washing, waxing floors, pulling out furniture, washing ceilings, cleaning out cupboards, defrosting freezers and shampooing carpets.
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I would put things in their proper places so that she can clean. I would leave all surfaces clutter free so she can wipe them off and dust. Put the cats in one area if you can or they may get in the way.
Other than that, sit back and enjoy someone else cleaning and getting to enjoy the end result.
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Thanks for all the information, particularly about spot checking the cleaning supplies she'll bring with her. She asked if I had certain supplies and the only thing she mentioned that I didn't already have was Mr. Clean. She'll use my vacuum cleaners.

The term "service" is a little loose. This is a woman that works for my company that does this on the side for a little extra cash. She came recommended by a couple of people that I work with. I'll probably have her out while my hand heals, then again when I'm having big parties (like our family reunion at our house in August).

I know how long it takes for me to do the things I'm asking her to do (about 2-3 hours) so will know how efficient she is. She won't do laundry or clean inside of things. And she doesn't shampoo carpets.
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