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Kitty Bath Wipes

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Have you ever used them? I was at Petco today buying fountain filters and saw the wipes. I got a small package for, ahem, tail area of my critters, they've been having some issues back there. Has anyone ever used them before? How'd they work? How'd the cats like it?
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Personally I just wash any of my cats when they need it or when they are being shown. Pet wipes would be a waste of money for me and IMO they really don't get a cat clean - just on the surface of the fur, not at the skin level.

Now if you are just using them to clean off their butts, then warm water and a washcloth would work and be cheaper
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You can also use unscented baby wipes, usually cheaper than pet wipes.
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I like them. I wipe them down once a week. It cuts down on dander in the house and helps keep their fur from flying around so much. They smell clean afterwards too Makes their coats soft too.

They tolerate having me wipe them, they don't hate it. I don't want to give them baths....scarring for them AND me. So this is a compromise we can all live with.
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My cat, who rarely enjoys being groomed, loves a damp paper towel run across her body a few times. It gets alot of fur off, and I think it simulates the being groomed by another cat feeling.

Try a warm washcloth before those pet wipes.

My friend uses the pet wipes on her outdoor cat, and she really likes them, since a bath is not possible for her crazy cat.
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My boys would neeever let me wash them, I washed Chester once because he had a UTI and before he came home the vet rinsed him off (something you NEVER do with a long haired cat) so he was all full of knots and they didnt use soap so he still smelled. I like the paper towel/washcloth idea, I dont know why I didnt think of it! Thanks!!
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I used to use those when I had a roommate with an allergic boyfriend.

I haven't used them in years though. My cats really don't like the smell of them. And I have to agree a damp washcloth would probably be better. Now they just get a bath if they get into something gross, which is pretty rare.
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I have it & use it after brushing. IMO, it cleans my baby's coat & dander pretty well but she hates it on her. Maybe the smell or the look, idk.
She always freaks out everytime I take one out from the container.
If I don't seize her, she'd run away
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I've used them. They definitely work, unlike wet paper towels, which do nothing.

I suppose you could use a wet washcloth instead, but the problem is that you then have a washcloth with some very unpleasant stuff on it, which you must either launder immediately or figure out how to store until you can launder it.

Wipes are the best solution, I think. They work to get the cat clean, and then they're disposable.
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I have used them with my kitty Osiris. He was having dingleberry issues and also would poo when he was scared and make a mess of himself. They are nice for a quick clean up but they definitely don't replace the effect of a bath. Unfortunately my Osiris is terrified of baths (was tramatized by someone trying to put him under a running faucet, it wasn't me) so I do this for now. Eventually I would like to give my handsome little a stink bomb a full on bath. Will be my first time bathing a kitty but for now my kitty wipes come in handy (they where awesome when he had diarrhea problems and needed his behind cleaned up)!
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I haven't used them on Blossom. Occasionally she has that problem & I 1st wipe her with toilet paper to get most of it off. If it's too bad I'll try & wash her rear end. I find a comb through helps & if it's really, really, bad I clip it off.
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