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Kitten poop---Is this normal??

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I am fostering two 6-week old kittens (my first fosters!!). They were nursed by their mother for 5 weeks (different mothers), then the shelter decided to spay and release the feral moms. So then they put the kittens on wet food for 4 days...then I got them. I've had them for 3 days and they are now eating wet food and kitten milk (from the pet store).

They are gaining weight, but their poop is runny. Not liquid, but not really solid either. My only other experience with kittens was the stray I took in and the 4 kittens she had. At 6 weeks she was still nursing them and I never found any I assume she was cleaning it up? Anyway, I am not sure what a 6 week old kitten's poop is supposed to look like. Can anyone tell me if this is normal? Not to get too graphic, but their poop has the consistency of yogurt. Normal for this age/diet or not?

Also, one of them meows ALL THE TIME. She looks like a siamese, so maybe she is just talking....but could she be in pain or in need of anything? The other one is black and only meows if he wants to be held or cuddled (they are not litter mates btw). I have food and milk out for them all the time and the vocal one is eating plenty. But she keeps crying and it makes me feel like she needs something. Any ideas??

Oh and my former stray who just had kittens 3 months ago wants nothing to do with these kittens. She was such a devoted mama with her own kittens so I was hoping she'd mother these orphans, but no dice. Maybe its because I got her spayed....
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Kitten poop may be a little soft, but should not be runny or like yogart. Have they been wormed? With mom being ferel, they probably have worms. Check with the vet to see when they need to be wormed (and bring in a stool sample.

You could also add some boiled shredded chicken to the canned food.
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Mine have little tiny poops regular poops. But I had them dewormed the day after they arrived.
Could be the kitten milk.
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Thanks for the replies. They've already been de-wormed, but I stopped giving them kitten milk and poops are now solid.

Not sure why because the milk I was giving them was 'First Born' which is specifically made for kittens....
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