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Greenhouse kittens!

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We have two little kittens living at the greenhouse where I work. One of the guys found them last week. They are both male, the orange one is about 4wks, and the grey one is twice his size... not sure of the age. They are both pretty small, though. There is still some debate on their names, lol. Right now the little orange boy is Roscoe, and the grey one is Slate. Slate is pretty fluffy, too, and very cuddly! When I came in for lunch break this afternoon, they were both sleeping in my boss's office. Then a couple minutes later, Slate comes around the corner meowing. He was purring from the second I picked him up. He's always curled up on somebody during break times. On Wednesday I had him during lunch before I went home. Actually, I had Roscoe first, because I had loved on Slate during morning break, but then he came over, meowed at me, and climbed up my leg! I was sitting down, kind of stretched out so it was like a ramp for him So then I had both of them curled up purring on me, taking a nap. There's nothing like a lovable kitten to bring your spirits up

I'm going to try to get pictures of them, but I'm not sure if I'll be able to. The student workers can't take break inside anymore; our new break room is in the garage connected to the building. I might be able to sneak inside for a minute to get pictures if they're out... or first thing in the morning. We usually water the greenhouses before going out on campus to work.

Just thought I'd share .... It makes me happy that our boss is giving them a home. She wanted to take them to her own house, but she already has cats /and/ dogs, and her husband wouldn't let her bring in more. So instead they live in the greenhouse. She cares for them during work hours, and also comes back out a few times after hours, as well as on the weekends. I'm not sure how she got her experience with such young kittens, but she knows how to take care of them well.
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Aww, what a warm and cozy home. Bless your boss for taking care of Slate and Roscoe
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That is so kind of you and your fellow workers to care for those sweet kittens, they must be feeling so loved and well looked after! Bless their cotton socks (and yours too!)
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Kudos to you, your boss and your colleagues for giving those little ones a home! I think most workplaces could be enriched by having an animal or two. The assisted living facility where my mom is director of nursing has a 2-year-old female cat who lives on campus. It's great for the residents who miss their animals, and the staff (especially my mom) love her, too.

I love the names Roscoe and Slate, BTW. Post some pics as soon as you can!
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Thank god for your boss
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I managed to get a few pictures of the little rascals today. It was a bit hard considering they wouldn't sit still for very long

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Awww darling little babies!
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Sweet, aren't they? I think Roscoe is camera shy... he wouldn't look at me lol
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