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Ares: Brown Marbled Bengal

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Ares has come a long long way since we first rescued him. His owner got him from another breeder and it wasn't working out. Basically he acted semi-feral and the breeder refused to take him back.
I'm glad we took him in, because after a years work, he has turned around completely. He's a big love bug and our kittens all think he's da bomb.

He's one of our forever cats, but he does have a job here. He's the camp counsler and mentor for the kittens we are raising once they are weaned from mom. He enjoys his job and is extra patient with the little ones.

Some photos I took today:

What about the kittens? I'm taking a break.

The cat labor union says break for 3 hours, work for 20 minutes

Don't make me call the union rep

Look kittens, this is how you get your way with your owners!

Ok kittens, rise and shine, get busy getting into mischief
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He's beautiful! I love his face!
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That is a seriously handsome fellow! Love the captions.
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Oh, Nial, he's come such a long way!!!

You've done a fantastic job with him, helping him to "find himself." He looks SO healthy and happy. I love that he's a working cat with responsibilities!

Please give him some special scritches from me and whisper into his sweet little ear that I'm very proud of him.
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He is soooo handsome!
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AWW .. he is handsome
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I'd take him in an instant! It's like he's my Peep in a Bengal body...Peep would play with the kittens all of the time, and after they were weaned he'd let them "nurse" on him

I love his name, too. Do you know how old he is?
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Wow he's really nice and one of the few Bengals that you've captured the glitter on him Outstanding color/markings
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Wow Nial -I'm just so happy for him. He's come such a long way and he looks SO happy!
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Wow he is pretty! He has a lot of glitter!
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He's absolutely stunning
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My, oh my, what a beauty!
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He is so handsome
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He's a handsome little man!

Great pics.
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He is absolutely gorgeous!! Love the eyes!!
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Wow, he's gorgeous!!!! I love his wideset eyes, nose and mouth, it's really striking! He looks very content, I love when you can have so much impact on a cat and make them happy again
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Boy, ditto everything everyone else has said. Gorgeous pics! Handsome subject who looks happy and content - it's on his face.
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He is absolutely gorgeous! What a hunk! He still has that wild look in his face. I love it!
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Ares is such a beautiful cat! He looks so happy and confident. He knows that he is safe and seems so happy!
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What a gorgeous cat! He is certainly special.
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Glad he found you! He is a stunner and your pictures are amazing! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous
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He is very handsome and seems to be taking his job very seriously, he looks very happy with himself.
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