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When Do We Start?

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Shinobi's kittens are almost 4 weeks old, and I'm wondering when I should start encouraging them to eat kitten food and start using the litter box.
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Not for another 2-4 weeks. Most kittens don't want to eat solid foods till around 5-6 weeks old. And even then its another few weeks - by the time they are 6-8 weeks old they are eating solid foods a lot better.

Litter box should be a shallow cake pan (tinfoil) and can be with them now with plain clay litter till they are about 7-8 weeks old.
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Mollys kittens are 4 weeks old and they told me they were ready 2 days ago by diving into mums feeding bowl
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i got church at 8 weeks old and he is on a completle dryfood diet when my car is fixed i will be giving him wet food.
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with the kittens i have had, i put a 1 inch deep cake pan ( 9x13) with clay litter in it, and they took to it at about 3-4 weeks.

With food, i put some of moms food in a shallow bowl mixed with a little water about the same time, and they take to it when they want to. They still nurse once in a while, but they do like the dry food too, which is kitten dry.
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I am raising a kitten right now and he just turned 5 weels old. I introduced scratching in the litter box at 3 weeks. He used it for the first time at 4 weeks. We were so proud. As for weaning, I started at 5 weeks. He still gets a bottle in the am and pm. During the day he eats dry food moistened with water. He did not like it moistened with the formular. I also had to hand feed him the pieces at first. Now he has learned to eat from a dish. I will continue this for the next week or 2. Good luck.
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I waited until Trin's kittens decided they wanted to do what mommy was doing; they were about four-five weeks old. Shortly after, they produced their first solid stool, and all I did was move it from the kittening box and into the litter tray, then set each kitten in the tray(it should be kitten sized). They used it ever since. Hope something similar works for you!
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