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Baby names

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Mark & Sam have settled on names, for the twins:

Feliza Sabian and Isabel Jabian. I can understand the first names but I'm not too sure about the middle names. Better break out the Spanish-English dictionary.

"Feliza" is from "feliz", as in "Feliz Navidad".

Maybe, we'll go with "Lizzy" and "Izzy", for short. Hardly anybody else in the family uses their actual given name.

I wish they could have slipped "Mary" and "Esther" in there. Sam's mom is named Mary and my mom is Mary Esther. I wouldn't wish Cynthia, on anyone. Never did like that name.
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I like them .When are they due? You must post their picture's when they come!Prayer's for their health and mommy;s and daddy's.
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Due date is May 15. The doctor wants her to deliver early, if possible - 36 instead of 40 weeks. If the babies are smaller, there will be less fetal distress and less chance of needing a C-section.
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Very pretty names!

How did the Baby Shower go?
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I like them. I would probably nickname them somethin that doesn't rhyme like Liza and Bel.
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They are different, but they aren't bad...I imagine they will grow on you!
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Sam and the babies made out like barefoot bandits. There were 44 people, at the shower. The only reason for those kids to be naked, is in the bath (she got one of those, too).
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Hey katl8e, I have a question. I've been away from the board for two days, so I'm catching up, so I may have missed something... but didn't the last ultrasound Sam had show that only one was definitely a girl, or am I mistaken? I know that they were both supposedly going to be girls until about last week when you posted... did I miss something... or possibly not get there on the board yet?
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The tech who did the last ultrasound said that they were both girls. The doctor now says "maybe". She's going to have another one, Wednesday. Maybe, we'll get a definite, then.
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Isabel Jabian

That is a beautiful name, it's my favorite...

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Aahh, I was a bit mixed up there. Thanks katl8e!
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I screwed up, posting those. I got the middle names swithed. They're actually

Isabel Sabian
Feliza Jabian
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I think we are going to try and conceive shortly after we are married, but what really sucks is that all of my favorite names I have given to my cats over the years!! LOL!! Can I name a baby "Ashley"? Cat will get confused!
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Carrie - SOOOO true!!!

I love the name Firenza, but I have named one of my cats that (and shortened it to another favourite - Fifi).

Thankfully all indications with me are for a boy - and I don't think the boy-cat names of Ferdinand or Baliero are on the card for my junior.

Cindy - Izabella was one of the girl-names I'd chosen, it's so pretty. Feliza is also very pretty and unusual, but not so off the wall that the child will have a hard time.
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