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cats are fighting! is neutering the answer?

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Please help! I have browsed the forums, and haven't found any definate answers, if there are any.
I have 2 cats. 1 is a 2 yr old, spayed female. The other is a 1 1/2 yr old male. We recently moved into a new home. The transition went well. Up until last week these 2 cats were the best of friends, now they're fighting.
Starr, the female,is traumitized. We have seperated them, keeping one in our bedroom with a litter box, food & water. Then we switch them in the evening so all is fair. We have tried to re-introduce them, and have also let them into the same room while supervising.
All is well until Cosmo, the male, gets too close. That's when Starr starts hissing, and the fur starts flying! Sometimes she will wet herself, because she is so scared. This is going on week 2.
Is this a new house thing? Is Cosmo being territorial? Or should we consider having him nuetered? I have never seen him "humping", and he has never sprayed. So I am not convinced this is the reason for them to fight. Also, is it ever too late to nueter? Or should we keep them seperated a little while longer, and see what happens? Thank you for any suggestions.
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Oh yes, definatley get him neutered ASAP. Whole males will put off a different scent and also act very territorial. At this age or any age is fine. Spraying is not an issue for you, so once the neutering takes place it will take a few weeks for the scent to fade and maybe a month for the hormone levels to drop a bit. It will definatly help your situation. Even whole females are intimidated by whole males. Keep up what you are doing and continue for about a week to 2 weeks after he is neutered. Things should calm down for you.
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Oh Cootiebugg-I feel your pain-see my threads "My Cat Attacked Me" and "My Boys Hate Each Other". Got the younger male neutered on Monday-it takes 6-8 weeks for testosterone levels to go down. Mine are still seperated-going on three weeks. Its a total psychotic episode everytime I try to re-introduce-peeing and pooping in mid-air when they chase each other-I know what you are talking about. I'm gonna wait it out for awhile. Unfortunately, I'll have to deal w/the litterbox, etc. for awhile. Please get your male fixed-as with my case, he got so psycho he attacked me because he couldn't get to the cat outside. They are just raging with aggression and territory issues. Make a vet appt. as soon as you are able. I feel a bit better knowing I made a positive choice for his well being-as well as mine! Let us know how the re-introduction goes-I need all the advice I can get! Take care-Sheila GOOD LUCK!!
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Thank you for your reply! I feel better knowing it's not just us. I knew this wasn't just an isolated incident. When you said "peeing and pooping in the air" what a relief it was knowing someone else is experiencing the same thing! We do plan to have the male fixed next week. We were considering breeding this one, and that's why we hadn't. But I feel we are doing the right thing by nuetering him. What's strange in our case is the male doesn't show any aggression. It's the female that hisses and growls whenever the male is near. We have tried letting them in the same room for a few minutes each evening, but even if he just walks by, paying her no attention, she still hisses. Which only intices him to turn around and stare at her. That's when we have to step in and back in seperate rooms they go! The other night she peed on our bed, something she has never done before, but I am sure it was due to stress, it hasn't happened since. I will let you know how things go next week. Thanks, Kim
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Hi Kim-So glad to hear that you are getting your kitty fixed. Already mine has shown a difference in his overall "attitude". He's sleeping alot and is very calm. I found a screen by the dumpster and sat with it in the doorway so the two could look at each other. They both seem to want to play, but if I pick the younger one up and carry him into the hall, I feel him getting tense. I am going to try a trial run with them together this weekend. I want my sister in the room in case things get crazy-I'm a little skittish after he went psycho on me. Let us know how you make out!! Sheila
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