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Today's baby pics

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Only two, but oh so hard to resist.

Left to right:

Onyx, Rikki and Jade

Jade, Rikki and Onyx

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i love the 2nd photo how adorable!makes me want another fur baby
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they look like little furry piggies without the blanket! hehe
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So sweet!
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Aren't they just little angels??
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If they stick to their proper growth spurts, they'll be getting free reign of the trailer in two week (except when I'm not home).
I'll just need to figure out where to put their food so the dog can't get it.
I keep Spaz's food on top of my desk, but these guys are too little for that.

They are doing so well now, they play with/on the dog, they don't shrink away when approached, actually, they seek out human attention, and have found their purr motors.
You'd never know they were feral born now.
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They are little cuties, all sprawled out in a kitty pile on the hamock.
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They all look so soft and sweet! I just want to give them all kisses
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Oh my goodness! Look at that cute lil' pile of sweet kitties!!
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