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Fire kills 5...

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My fiance and I had gone up north for the memorial day weekend, had a great time till we get a call from my mom telling us there was a fire at the complex down the road... I knew someone who had just moved in there. Everything was destroyed. She had moved on top floor, and she had gotten the momma cat out, went back, and it was too smoky,... went half way in and burned her arm. They had lost the daddy cat (siamese persion i believe) and the 5 kittens. I hope they are over the bridge playing with yarn now. Horrid way to go. I never met the kittens or the mommy or daddy cat, but I still cried. all because a drunk in the basement wanted to use a deep fryer and for got about it. Pleas keep daddy cat and babies, in your thoughts.
I was going to take one..... My heart is broken
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How devastating.
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Thats terrible. My Ex Neighbor lost all her Cats in a Fire too last Summer. It was even on the news. I cried.
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That's heartbreaking.
Rest In Peace Daddy and babies
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What a tragic story We can only hope that they went quickly (smoke inhalation takes kitties very quickly). At any rate, they are together now, over RB, where there is no sorrow or pain. Sending prayers and vibes to the aggrieved owner and the mama kitty whose little ones were taken from her in such an awful way
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What a horrible way to go

Have a safe journey across the bridge babies

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That is so sad! May they all Rest in Peace.
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