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IS there a reason why a cat might remain thin?

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Is there a particulare reason why a cat is particularly thin appart from the fact that it doesnt eat enough?
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Thin is a relative thing. My Scarlett has always been very thin to the point that it worries me. The vet tells me she's at an ideal weight. She's just a small cat. I still worry.

What does your vet say?
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Overactive thyroid?
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Has she been checked for worms?
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My Sasha is that way and Meeko was the same way when she was that age. Meeko will be 8 june 11 and al her Blood Tests are good. Sasha will be 2 on Aug 24th. They both have the same Russian Blue Mom.
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From my understanding, some cats are just more "streamlined" than others. Just like some people are naturally thinner than others (despite eating habits), cats have different body builds as well.

Never hurts to check the weight out with a vet though! There are a number of reasons why a cat might fail to gain weight. The vet, however, may say that the cat is at a healthy weight for its build.
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My Ellie is thin to the point of looking emaciated sometimes. But I have had three vets tell me she is in perfect health, and her coat is shiny and sleek. I feed her a special high calorie diet to keep her weight up, and regularly worm her as she hunts and eats mice and birds. But she is just made that way - with her very long legs I always say that if she were human she would be a supermodel.
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I have a little tiny kitty too, and all my others are on the chubby side. I think some cats just stay small.
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WHAT did the vet say??/

my Zoey took forever to fill out ( 4 yrs ish) .... I kept her on kitten food till about her 4th bday
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My Oreo is bigger then Sasha already and she is 9 months. Sasha can jump very far also.
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A lot of the oriental/siamese/rex type of cats are more slender build then other breeds, so if the cat has this in the background they may appear "thin". But the cat should be heavy in muscle. For example, rexes may only weigh 5-7 lbs when grown - yes it looks "thin" but those pounds should be solid muscle

If a cat has a probem with worms, they may become thin.
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Sasha has Russian Blue and Oriental/Siamese in her and very strong Muscles. She can jump farther then any of them.
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Thanks for the replies!
the vet said that right now she is just a tiny bit below the standard weight. but previously she had pancreatitis and when she was sick she was just skin and bones because she refused to eat for some time.
I want to get her a bit above the stnadard weight so that she has some body fat in stock.

i let her eat as much as she wants and i also make her chicken every single day but her weight is still i bit below standard after all this time. while my other cat who likes the chicken as well has gained alot of weight but he has always been a big cat
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One of mine had always been on the thin side, but suddenly she has become a little chubby thing. One of mine gets thin during hot months, and chubby when it is cold. Vet says they are both fine and in good health.
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Pepe is tiny as well! He eats enough and I wonder if maybe thats just the way he is but alas he is still able to kick his brothers bum when playing even though tiger is much bigger
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