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Cat in bad mood....

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I have a 1.5 year old neutered male russian blue. I let the country for about 12 days and had my brother take care of him while I was gone. My brother lived in my room and gave him company for about 2 hours a day, then slept in the same room.

So basically spends about 2 hours awake playing, interacting, and 8 hours asleep.

He is the only pet, so he does get lonely, that's why I asked my brother for such a big favor, but ever since I've been back, he'd keep meowing like he's complaining. He doesn't hiss, but he does attack my leg and bites me, but not to the point of injury.

he has never been this way before, and it's been 2 weeks since I've been back. What can I do? Is it because of season change? cuz I was gone? or him being a teenager? He is being very distant with me...
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Cats do get mad and carry a grudge sometimes. They usually get over it soon. It is probably the new smells you brought back with you. Every time I go to a friend's house with a dog, mine get pissy for a couple of days.
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I agree with Krazy Kat, I know when I come home from my brothers house, (dog lover) buttons, tries to act like I don't even exist. At first this bugged me really bad, I didn't know what I did to offend her, but after a day or two she was back to normal
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Russian Blues are very loyal and often get attached to their owners where they will have seperation anxiety. My blue would even throw up when I would go away for a weekend even though my roomate was there. I am sure your little one will get over it soon.
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I recently lost my 11 yr old RB to stress following a move. It was a 'big' move as far as a cat would be concerned (many differences to the 'old' house) and by the time I realized his usual places/spaces were missing - i.e. no carpet in the main room, loss of favorite pillow 0and various other things, he'd developed anemia of no discernible cause (to the vet, who did lots of tests). He was my angel and the most sensitive cat I've had among many others, and I just was so tired and disoriented myself I didn't realize how lost he was (other cats were younger and bounced better) until it was too late. RB's are that way, so please please try to keep his world as intact and the 'same' as possible, because he could get very stressed without your being aware of it.
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