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Vacation destination suggestions?

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Good morning cat people!

I need some vacation ideas. I will be taking a week off in mid-June and I would like to get out of town for 3-4 days.

Since I don't have much time, I can't go very far (I live in Montreal... so somewhere in Quebec, Ontario or North-Eastern US could work). I also don't have a car (or a driver's license ) so I have to go somewhere that is accessible by bus/train. I also need to be able to visit places without a car.

So far, some possibilities are:
- Quebec City (not too far, cheap and I haven't been there in ages. And there's lots to do there)
- Boston (I went there a few years ago and absolutely LOVED that city)

I would also love to go somewhere a little more remote and get some fresh air. Maybe in Vermont, but I don't know the region well at all.

I'm not looking for anywhere very touristy, but it would be great if there was a youth hostel (or cheap accommodation of some sort).

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Go to the Finger Lake district of NY. Ithaca has 5 gorges which are gorgeous and Trumansburg (next town) has Taughannock Falls State Park. Ithaca is home to Cornell U and Ithaca College so you get all the benefits of a college town.

The region is home to many wineries. Watkins Glen has the race track. There are many water activities since there are, well, many lakes.

The weather is nice this time of year and everything is so green.

Anyway, stay at the southern end of the lakes. Our daughter is at college in Elmira, NY at the bottom of Seneca Lake. You can go to Corning and see the glass works there. And you can see Elmira College and the summer home of Mark Twain.

Anyway, the Finger Lakes are not far from you and really pretty.
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Oh, that sounds beautiful! And there is a bus that goes to Ithaca. I'll see if there are any other stops in the area.

Thanks for the suggestion.
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boston boston boston! i just moved here and i LOVE it
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I heartily second the motion for Boston. Visited a friend there and was totally enthralled with it.
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If you were in europe id say mallorca!
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The White Mountains region of New Hampshire is also nice for fresh air.

You may be able to get affordable lodging through the Appalachian Mountain club:
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I'm from Vermont.
You might like to visit the Burlington area of Vermont on Lake Champlain.
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That is a hard one! I don't know but enjoy your vacation!!!
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I agree with the Finger Lakes of NY! My dad grew up in Skaneateles, so we always went on a 2 week vacation to the lake in the summers. It is so beautiful there. My aunt lives there, and always is inviting us to come by if we ever are up north. I would totally live there, if it didn't cost so darn much
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On closer investigation... the bus does go to the Finger Lake area, but it takes over 12h to get there!

I'll look into Vermont and New Hampshire. I know for sure Vermont would be a much shorter bus ride... I just have to figure out if it will be worth the trip.
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The Burlington area of Vermont on Lake Champlain (as another member has so thoroughly put it) is a beautiful, beautiful area. The town is very picturesque and full of artists and beautiful little shops.

I have an aunt that lives in Burlington!

Secondarily, I would love to go to Boston!
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Since I know the area, here are some driving times to help you decide where you want to go.
Burlington, Vermont is about a 2 hour drive from Montreal.
If you went to Boston from Burlington it would be another 4 hour drive for a total of 6 hours driving time.
If you went to somewhere in New Hampshire, it might be about 4 hours driving time from Montreal depending what area you go to.
Another nice area you might like is Lake George, NY.
It is about 4 hours drive from Montreal and it has a lot of fun stuff including the Great Escape amusement park.
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I'm afraid I can't help you!!! I've only been to Canada once and that was to Niagra Falls. That is by no stretch of the imagination cheap or inexpensive!!!!
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