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ok my hubby went to bed before me so I go in and Angel has the baby up on my bed again. She kept him in the box all day...... I have been fighting with her all night long to keep him in there and I am ready to put her and him in the cat carrier for the rest of the night so I can at least get a couple hours sleep!

But my main question/concern is we are camping this weekend and I don't know if she will do it when we are gone. Should I just put a box on my bed for when we are gone so she can put him in there and I know he won't fall off my bed or will that just encourage her to bring him up there??

I am going to have to figure something out soon or I am never going to sleep at night until he is big enough to move from people rolling over! Like I said the only places that are big enough for a carrier/crate is my 2 younger girls room which the door would be open (they won't keep it closed) so the other cats can go in there or the basement that has no heat so can get cold and the other cats are down here..... our bathroom is used too often and also too small, our room is too small for a large dog crate that can fit everything in it..... our livingroom already has a dog crate, and our bigger dog sleeps in the kitchen.......

She never did this till his eyes opened now she seems to be insisting that he is up on the bed at bedtime... Which is fine once he is about a mo. old and can move out of the way etc.... but not at just over a week old!