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New mom food advice

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Hi everyone-

We are getting a new addition to our family tomorrow, her name is Gem. She is about 2 years old and just had a litter of kittens. The kittens will be all adopted out tomorrow, they are about 6 weeks ( I know it is too soon, but they arn't mine, so I can't make that decision. I have already voiced my concerns though). I am just getting her, no kittens. My question is what kind of food do I feed to her? To give you some background, we are getting this cat from a lady at the barn where I board my horse, she can't afford to keep the cat or kittens any longer. Gem has some health problems, the biggest one is her back legs are deformed so she has some touble walking. She has had some vet care a while back, but when I asked her what kind of food Gem was eating, she said "whatever is cheapest", so I know she hasn't had the best nutrition. Gem is done nursing, but should I still feed her a kitten food, and if so, which one is the best for new moms? Price is not a problem, I just want to get her back on track. On a side note, she is going to the vet this weekend for an exam and as soon as she is done lactating, she will be fixed! Thanks so much for everyones help, i really just want what is best for her and I want to give her a wonderful life. Our house seems to have a knack for taking animals with "issues", we have a 3 legged dog, 2 1-eyed cats and another cat with cronic asthma. Gem will hopefully fit in perfect.

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Avoid the cheap and store brands and those with dyes in them (like Meow Mix). I'd go with Max Cat or Royal Canin or some of the other higher quality foods. They may be a little higher price, but you use less food and the cat digests it better (so less stool).

I would only put out a small portion of food at a time. Going from cheap to richer/better foods will take time and she may have some loose stool or throw up till her system adjusts. You also might consider one meal dry and one meal canned (canned is better).
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What are you currently feeding your other cats? It would probably be easier to get them all on the same food.
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