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Annie learns to play

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Annie is having a second kittenhood. She's acting more like she's 6-8 weeks old, rather than 6-8 months old!

She is very people friendly, but she was apparently on her own in the forest for longer than I had thought. She had no idea what to do with a ball.

Pardon the messy desk, but this is as much as she did when she was first shown a sparkle pom:

It took a few times of my rolling the ball to her, and her tentatively pawing at it, before she realized that it wouldn't bite back. Of course she also tasted it and decided she couldn't eat it. But after working on it with her - she actually played with the ball!! And then promptly took it and hid it in her hidey hole and it hasn't been out with us around since then.

We had been using this toy that has a bell on it to divert her attention from grabbing our hands to play with. She didn't know how to do anything but play with her littermates, and our hands are apparently about the right size. Then I tried really playing with her with it. It worked! She likes it!

So tonight we tried a different toy. I'd tried it before with no interest from her, but she's getting a hang of this playing thing...

I'm so proud!!!
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I bet you are!! What a sweetie!
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She looks like she's settling well!
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Awws! That is sooo precious!! She is such a pretty girl!
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I'm so proud!!!
And so you should be! She's really getting the idea, isn't she. So pretty...
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oh that is so wonderful to see! she is obviously feeling very contented and happy with you!

my rb girl daisy didn't know how to play when we rescued her and she was approximately 18 months old.

in fact she really didn't want to know until she was about 8! it was bizarre but she entered her second kittenhood then.
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Oh bless her little cotton socks That first picture of her is so sweet!
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Awwwwww so sweet!! Have any of the gang met her yet?
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She's one lucky kitty!

She looks like she's really settling in well.
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Awww, look at that little sweetie at play!
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Aww...look at her! What a sweetie!
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She looks like she's settling in AND filling out! She was one lucky little girl... but I think she just KNEW when she approached you!
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Thanks everyone! She is just as sweet as she is pretty, but it's been a little frustrating because she wants to play so badly now that she's feeling better (no ticks, recovered from her spay, full belly ) and has energy that she doesn't need to expend just to survive. She just didn't know how besides attacking our hands. I understand why...they would be the size of her littermates when she could play with them when Mama Cat was taking care of them.

Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Awwwwww so sweet!! Have any of the gang met her yet?
We've had a screen door up to "her" room (the computer room). Mojo, Ginger and Trent have shown interest in her, but she's not too sure about them. If they just sit or lay outside the door she'll look back at them, but as soon as they meow she hisses. Her body language isn't aggressive or even scared anymore, so we're making progress. Just not quite there yet for face to face meetings.
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I can't see the pictures. I have to wait until I get home. Drat!
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Awww, she looks great and know when Joey first came here he didn't play with toys either, he didn't get it
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She's gorgeous! I just love calicos!
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What a sweetheart. Lucy really didn't learn to play by herself as Much was too old. Since we've had Carly, she now will play sometimes like Carly. Carly has this weird way of jumping straight up in the air and Lucy is now doing it.

I think she will integrate just fine with your crew.
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She is so precious! I want to play with her too!

Hooray for Annie!!!!!!!!!!
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You have reason to feel proud of beautiful little Annie....
she is overcoming her fears and learning to trust.
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WTG, Annie!

BTW, your desk looks neat to me.
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