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My Cat has groomed the hair off of the inside of her legs

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Recently I noticed that the hair on the inside of my cats legs has been thinning. I didn't think much of it until I noticed how vigorously she was grooming them. I checked out her legs and there is no obvious irritation and she did not try to prevent me from looking at her legs. Does anyone know why she may be doing this. The inside of her back legs are almost bald.
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Is there anything that might not be normal? Black specks, black dots, dry skin? If not she might be like my Enzo. He groomed the hair on his tummy right off! Whenever he would lay belly up all you would see was his pink belly.

It took some time, but Enzo quit grooming himself so hard. He's two years old now, is your kitty young?
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Sophia is just about two years old. I found her as an abandoned kitten on mother's day two years ago. This is a new behavior but hopefully it will not last long. Last night when she was snuggling me. (She likes to get in my lap or on the laptop keyboard when I am on the computer at night.) I was able to get a good look at her legs and it looks like the hair is starting to grow back. We will see. I am glad to see that it is not totally abnormal.
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It's very strange that's for sure! I posted about it when Enzo's belly looked it's worst. There were a few other people that had experienced the same problem at one time or another. As far as I can remember all of the cats grew out of it, or phased out of it. Who knows

I think your girl will be ok! I just looked at Enzo's belly and it still looks a little funny. It's growing back, but it takes about 6 months for it to grow back fully. He's a medium haired cat, so I'm sure that doesn't help matters!
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Tigger did that when we first got her. She was overgrooming due to stress, but did stop when she got more comfortable in the routine of the house.
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That makes sense we found two little abandoned kittens at my great aunt's house. She lives in a rural area and people are always dropping off their animals. She is very elderly and asked my mom and I to pick them up. We were going to just foster them but they ended up being a part of the family. They have been here since January and are about 7 or 8 months old now. She wasn't really thrilled when they first came home with us. Sophia was accustomed to it just being her and our very old cat, MK, who could care less what she is doing. But they have been getting along really well. Maybe that is the source of the stress.
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I used to have a cat that would just bite his fur and rip it out..My mom got him from a pet shop at 7-8 wks so we don't know what his history before that was, but I never understood why he did that, he had never been abused by us in any way, he was a very happy kitty, no skin problems-fleas, dry skin etc.. I would be outside in the yard and see a pile of his fluff layin there. we used to joke and say that maybe he needed some therapy or anger mamgement..It was just really odd..
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My Bonnie used to do that, she licked all the hair off her inner legs and belly (it earned her the nickname "pink belly" ) It was attributed to either stress or anal gland issues. I think she just got into the habit of it and kept doing it.
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