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Pretty boring lately...?

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Here's some pics.

You've probably seen some of these already...
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Thank you Tamme, they are just adorable. Real characters. Their Mum must be an for them to be so happy . Lucky kitties.
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Beautiful pics! The one with the paws showed up first for me and I was laughing "Here's Tamme again with her paw obsession"

Wouldn't it be funny if you someone set up a website about cat paws obsession, like they have for people obsessed with feet?
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I love the one of Roo holding the remote and meowing. (Of course, I think kitties are super cute when they meow. ) Tigger looks like such a sophisticated kitty, she's very pretty.
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Fantastic pics. I love the one of Roo hanging from the bag!
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Look Tamme ! Roo's cousin GoGo is trying to FIT on the same blankey with Spot... Notice Spot's foot trying to push him away, LOL!! Your funny pictures inspired me to share..........

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Thanks for the pictures. Very cute.
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What cute pictures!
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Roo on the scratching post and Go Go with Spot--don't they know that one of the first rules of physics is that two things can't occupy the same space at the same time? I love the pictures!
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That's a comfort paw Kim- I bet when the two sleep together Spot always has a paw touching GoGo. I have several that do this when they sleep- I think it is pretty cool. The look on Spot's face is directed toward Mom and her intrusive camera I bet! LOL
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Great pics, all of them.
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awwww the orange one looks JUST like my neo!
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Neo or Moe? :LOL:
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LOL! GREAT pics, Tamme!
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Tamme, you take SUCH good pictures of your cats! I wish I could get pictures of Willie that look that good! They're so cute!
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AAAAAWWWWWW!!! ALL those photos are soooo cute!!! I love kitty pics!!! I love the one with the kitty in the grocery bag--and the other one from poster; kimward34 with the two kitties "sharing" the blankey!!
Man-- I HAVE to get a good camera. I am missing out on getting some really cute pics of my two kitties!!
Thanks for the giggles!

Come and see our kitties we've found homes for--or still need homes!
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Thanks for sharing pictures of Tigger and Roo, Tamme, they're both so cute!

And I love pictures of Spot on the cow blanket Kim... he blends so well. :tounge2: Gogo - you're a cutie too!
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