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Cat stuck in shelter for a year!

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This is so sad! Anyone in the New England area able to take him in??
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Sending prayers and vibes that Oreo finds her "fabulous forever" home very, very soon
Maybe they could try renaming her - Oreo sounds like a tomcat to me (actually, I've known several male Oreos).
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Oh the poor sweetheart. I have relatives in Mass but they have dogs and horses so it would not be a good match. But I will ask them if they know someone.
I will email the page.
Hopefully Oreo will find someone soon.
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He sounds a lovely cat, but sadly, all no-kill shelters haver stories like this. At our shelter we have a number of cats who have been there years - one black one has been there all his life and he is now 17 years old! Some are unadoptable for health or behaviour reasons but some, like many black cats, are just not popular.
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She is Cute. I hope she gets a Home. When I got my Oreo I asked for her because she has Fcks or her Sister who is all Black. I would Adopt Black Cats there is nothing wrong with the Color.
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It's the shelter where I got Rocko The shelter manager said that the black and black/white cats hang around longer than the others do Poor things!

It's a really nice place to hang around, if you must be stuck somewhere thats a good place to be stuck!

I would love to take 'em! Need another room in the house...but I am gonna go to the shelter tommorrow and take a look Torture myself!

They have a ton of gorgeous cats if anyone is in the area or knows people in the area! It's THE place to get a nice cat right now!
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I always feel bad for those ones, we have a black kitty who came in at 4 weeks old who will have been here for a year very soon. He grew up in a cage.
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I hope she finds a lovely home, I have two black and white cats I adopted from a shelter and they are lovely.
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I have two Black and White Cats also. Coco and Oreo. No one wanted Coco just because she was Black and White. All the others were Siamese looking like Cocos Mom. She was worth the 45.
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I Coco and Oreo!

They have always stood out to me on your siggy, I always notice them and sigh....they are so cute

Give them kitty kisses for me!
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That’s so sad! We have 4 animals (2 cats and 2 dogs) at our SPCA that have been there for over a year. Since my boyfriend and I are looking for a dog we thought we would take one of that dogs. Unfortunately all the animals are not good with other cats or dogs =(.

I hate seeing things like that, all animals deserve a loving home.
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