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A treasure among someone elses trash

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Last night I took the car to delivery some container plantings to a client and along the way I spied something sitting at the edge of someones driveway with their trash cans. I quickly dropped off the containers and stopped at the residence with the potential treasure. Knocked at the door and inquired about the object and asked if it was ok if I took it, did they want anything in exchange and the man said no. I said it won't fit in car can I pick up tomorrow as I will be working close by and he said sure and would take the object up to the driveway. As promised I picked it up about 8:30 and it took up alot of my truck bed space. What was it-a cedar potting bench in great shape-Neil just has to reinforce a couple of the boards. I needed something in my small greenhouse for plants-this is perfect!!!!

Then this afternoon after stop #5 I went to the Habitat for Humanity Restore and for $25 bought a 25 x 28 inch countertop that came out of a retail store-its a piece of grey slate about one inch thick-just have to try to remove the particle board on the sides. Its perfect for a top for my wine barrel on my patio!!
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Aren't you the lucky one! I love finding things like that.

I have to stop by our Habitat Restore since I haven't been there in awhile. I'm looking for an old door or smaller metal gate to use as a headboard for my bed.
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Reuse, renew, recycle! That's great!
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nice haul Gail!
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Great finds! I remember when I was a kid the city used to have a week of "spring cleaning" where they would get special trucks and people could leave anything they wanted to throw away on the curb (ie, furniture, appliances, big stuff they wouldn't normally pick up). Everyone would then pile in their cars and drive around going through people garbage! I loved it! Some of my favorite toys growing up came out of some one else's garbage!

They must have been having something similar this week in the town I work in. It is a college town, so all the rental houses are being cleaned out for next fall. One house had a fuzz ball table sitting outside...and it looked in good condition. Unfortunately, by the time I got off work it was gone. Surprise.
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Hey that's great!!! I couple years ago it seemed like every time I drove by one of my mother's neighbor's house, there was furniture outside. If I'd had a house or room to store it....I'd have been loaded.
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