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Am I watching him die?  

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Please read this I just posted:

Is Chip dying? I don't know what to do...I love this little guy so much and I am not sure if he is dying, will get better, or what!!!
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Its hard to say. I was told Coco had no chance when she was 9. She is now 16. She would go and hide and could not even walk. Yoshi just kept losing more and more weight and he looked bad. He did still Purr and was alert. How does your Cat walk? Does he hide?
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How long until Yoshi died?

His eye's are clear, despite the fluid coming out, his eyes make him look alive. His fur in mangy. It's ruffled like when a cat has a fever (and they stand it up). He never cleans himself so he gets dirty and stuff gets stuck to his fur. He does not look alert, he will barely even move his head. Even when we come stand next to him, he does not look up at us. He just sits there (feet tucked in), not even laying down.

He is not hiding, he sits in his cat bed which is out in the open. He loves the heated pad we have, and his bed is slightly heated.
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Yoshi didnt die. he was Pts. He was getting worse and worse. I lost him Jan 11th 8 Months after we found out he might have Fip. Your Cat seems to be sitting the way he was.Yoshi looked older then Coco and she is 16. What does the Vet say to do? I didnt want to let Yoshi go. He was only 5. They think he had Dry Fip. I asked the Vet today when we were there. I also asked if we did the right thing having him Pts. Iknow it was the right thing but feel cheated still.
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Healing vibes for chip

Has your vet talked to you about force feeding him? If it's an infection I would try everything to get my cat to eat and take antibiotics. If your vet isn't giving you all the answers maybe you should get a second opinion from another vet. Time is critical when they are not eating.

I hope your cat doesn't have FIP. When the time comes to let go your cat will let you know.
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Sorry, I was also trying to post: he looks stiff when he get's up, especially his back legs.

I think it was the right thing to do. It's the hardest decision to make, I don't even want to think about making it.

My vet would not say what to do. He started to say something about if it was his cat and I think he was leaning towards the cats quality of life, that was when I said, that I don't want to keep him around for selfish reasons. The vet was very sympathetic. He is pretty sure it's FIP and that he is terminal.

He offered a few things to try for now, then said to call him next week. I guess I will know more then.
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Hi Abby,

We have been giving him the antibiodics, he has been on them for so long, many types. I will try the baby food and maybe force feeding him with a syringe? I want to make sure Chip is okay, but taking him to the vet makes him worse. It's too stressful for the condition he is in.
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chip chip
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I know this will sound crazy, but I had a tabby that just stopped eating one day. Took her to the vet and got a grim diagnosis. She dropped down to about 5 lbs and couldn't eat. At the time I was pregnant and ate tons of yogurt (prego craving). One morning some dripped on the couch and she was sitting there and started sniffing it and then licked it up. I dripped some more and she ate that. I put some in her bowl and she ate it all up and started to eat cat food about 3 days later. Turns out she loved yoplait strawberry and bannana and peach flavors the best. She lived another 10 years and finally died from cancer, but in her last days all she ate was yogurt again. Told the vet about how she ate the yogurt and he was amazed, turns out there is lots of great stuff in yogurt for digestion issues and immune systems.
You might try feeding Chip yogurt and see if you can get his tummy going with it. Try plain and other flavors and see if you can get him interested. You can also take a syringe (no needle) and squirt some in his mouth. This worked for me and maybe it will help you. Good luck
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Its to late for her Cat. he was Pts today.
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