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I has a vistor!

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Just for the summer - but a friend is doing an internship in Spain, so I agreed to momma her cat for three months.

It's both scarier and weirder than I imagined!

But she's settling in okay.

Please keep your fingers crossed for all of us.
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Fingers, toes, eyes, paws, and anything else crossable is the price for which is PICS! Pretty please?
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Aw, that's a lucky kitty. I know s/he has a great foster home.
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the kitty will not want to go home, in 3 months
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What if you got really attached to the kitty? Won't it be harder to let him/her go after the 3 months is up?

Good luck to you!
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You will just have to teach the kitty how to meow in Spanish. Of course, kitty will do so with an Irish brogue. Pics, please!
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Thank you everyone!

Lumiere is actually quite an international cat - she (like her meowmy!) was born in France, so I suspect she mostly meows in French

I'm sure it'll be a little hard letting her go back to home at the end, but I don't think it will be too bad - I know how much my friend is missing her baby.
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That is a very nice thing to do. She knows her baby is in good hands and getting loved up while she is away.
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