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At what age do get cats in heat?

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I hope im right here!
I have a question my foster kittens are about 4 month old and the lil girl i took out that litter is 4 month also.
Now i have one boy and and my girl and the boy is trying to get the girl.
He bite or nipples her on the neck that love game.....
Is it possible that my girl could get prego?
Do i have to watch out or is 4 month still to young?
I will get her spayed in a month appointment is allready made so we dont want any lil kittens!
Can somebody answer my question!!!!!
Than you so much!
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Well, I'm not sure about his behavior toward her, but yes females can go into heat that young. My Mooch did, just a couple days before her spay appointment! She was walking around making this chirping/meow and raising her rear end in the air and doing a 'little dance' with her hind feet. I've only had 1 male cat and he was fixed before we saw any behavior changes with him.
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She can definitely get pregnant that young, and cats don't necessarily have to go into heat to get pregnant.
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Yes females can go into heat that young - the worst case I ever heard of was where someone picked up their kitten at 14 weeks old and she had her first heat a few days later. I blame use of hormones in livestock used for food, cats do seem to be going into heat younger these days.

Please separate them and get her spayed as soon as possible. She could get pregnant without ever showing signs of being in heat, and it would be dangerous for her to get pregnant at that age, the equivalent of a 10 year old girl

It's worth mentioning as you have a male also that they can have active sperm left in their tubes for up to 2 months after castration, so don't let them together until the female has been spayed. Hope it works out ok for you!
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Yes i knew that with the 2 month after getting neutered.
He will be done on monday!
And for my gurl i already have an appointment on the 17th of july!
I hope we will adopt the lil guy out this weekend!
I do have them seperated now till the weekend and then monday comes and he will be done! All my other girls are already spayed so no worries there!
Thank you for the responds!
It is always very helpful in here with any kinda question ]
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Keep them separated! Males and females as young as 4-5 months old can mate and get pregnant. He might not be doing much right now, but he knows WHAT to do, and therefore you need to separate them till they are spayed/neutered.
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Oh dear that is so young! Poor things! I always hate to spay young, but it sounds like you may not have a choice. Good luck!
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