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Poll: How do your spouses/partners/SOs feel about your cats?

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Just wondering how many cat lovers manage to find other cat lovers. My dad always professed not to like cats, but he had a soft spot for certain of my mom's cats. My SO has more experience with dogs, but he liked my cats right away; it took them a while to decide if they liked him, though.
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All of our current pets were acquired after we were married, but my husband bonded by my old girl Sheba right away. It's one of the reasons I married him.

I had Sheba 11 years when we met, and it took all of a couple of months before he was referring to her as "his cat."

I'm sure, being asthmatic and allergic, if it were solely his decision, my husband wouldn't have cats. Heck, if he had to clean the litterbox and dish out icky wet food, he wouldn't have cats. But he loves them as much as I do. Strangely, he's not allergic to our cats & dog, but if we visit friends with pets, he has a full blown allergy attack.
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I voted for three options. When John and I met, he had a cat and I had a cat. So he already loved cats and he loved my cat right away. Both of those kitties have passed away. All of our current cats we adopted since we've been together.
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We kind of adopted them together (he didn't really have a say in the matter ), and I wouldn't say he loved them right away, but he does now - particularly Smudge. He often thinks about them, which is nice - things like "the kitties would love to play with that" or while we're away "I wonder how they're doing", or things like that.
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Rob grew up with dogs, as did I. He and Shasta hit it off quickly, before we could have been considered an item even. Every cat since her we have adopted together, and there's always at least one who bonds more strongly with him than with me.
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Too many options to pick (since its more then one)

Anyway, DH had dogs and barn cats. So we have cats together. He picked out Charlie after we lost our rex. Unlike my ex who only tolerated my cats but really didn't want them
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He grew up with cats, I grew up with dogs. Fate brought us a kitten trapped in the walls of our apartment complex and that was it. All of ours were adopted together.
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I think my DH has always liked Popsie but I have to say DH loves him now. DH is always giving him scritches and smoochies. The other day I said, "Aww, you love Popsie don't you." DH was like yeah, he's a sweet cat. It was so cute.
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My boyfriend already had Kairi when we started dating. When we finally moved in together, we adopted Namine as a friend for Kairi so she wouldn't be lonely all day while we were at work. It's great having a boyfriend who loves cats as much as I do. He's always talking about getting a third, but that probably won't be able to happen for awhile.
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When I first started dating my DH, I told him if he didn't accept my cat, that our relationship wouldn't work. He admitted much later that he hated cats up to that point, but my darling Hippocrates won him over almost instantly.

We've adopted a lot of cats since then. Some he's bonded to immediately, some took time to bond with, and there are still cats in the household that he has a very limited relationship with. He's the dog person, I'm the cat lady and our cats were all born feral. I'm the primary caretaker so his attitude is not surprising.
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
We kind of adopted them together (he didn't really have a say in the matter ), and I wouldn't say he loved them right away, but he does now - particularly Smudge. He often thinks about them, which is nice - things like "the kitties would love to play with that" or while we're away "I wonder how they're doing", or things like that.

He likes cats, but he already had 3 pets and I had 1- so he was a bit reluctant about getting a cat because he thought it might be too much work.
I told him I'd take care of the cat on my own, but now that she's grown on him he helps take care of her. They're best nap buddies
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My boyfriend had many cats in his life and at the time we met he had two. I never had a cat and i was living with my parents at the time, who were only dog people, so my boyfriend decided it was time for my first cat and he would keep it at his house. I went over to his house everyday anyway and slept over on the weekends. It turned out great, and in the four and half years we've been together we have adopted 3 cats and a ferrett. lol. we love our cats so much! sometimes i get cute attacks lol i get stuck in this "oh look how cute they are!" lol.
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They're not my cats, they're our cats - though Tomas is bonded more closely with me.

DH feeds them, helps clean the litter box (with dumping it, not scooping), brushes them, holds and carries them around.... and is prone to baby talking Sho. He didn't have any pets in the house as a child but did grow up with dogs - he prefers cats now.

He's pretty much an animal lover in general and his views are identical to mine as far as what's a pet, how all animals should be treated, etc. Probably why we have reptiles, too.
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My Husband dosent like Cats. I told him before we got Married the Cats are here to stay. He likes Dogs and always compares Dogs to my cats.
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My husband and I are both very much animal lovers. That is one of the first things that really made me fall crazy in love with him. His family had a dog and a cat when we met and my family had a cat and two dogs. My cat, Bean, was very aged and died a few months after my husband and I first met. He was always very sweet to her and she just loved him - which was amazing for the Bean. She was never especially friendly toward anyone! I just about passed out from shock when she actually laid down in his lap for the first time!

After my husband and I got married we adoped our Ringo from a local shelter within a few weeks of moving into our new apartment. We knew that our new place just wouldn't be a real home for either of us without a fuzzer to share it with.
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My husband did not like cats before we got together. He was a dog man. When we first got together my cats smoozed right up to him and won his love over really fast!

The man who didn't like cats has bought 2 abyssinians and a bengal, and has rescued 2 stray cats!!!!!!

My husband is now a cat man!!!!! I love it!

One of the abyssinians is a daddy's boy. He loves his human dad more than anything!!!
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It was my boyfriend who converted ME!

I had always liked animals, tho' my mom wouldn't let us have pets growing up... and I have never owned one. I was actually bitten on the face as a girl by one of the neighborhood "meanie" cats.

But when I met Doug, he had a cat, Cato, who was such a sweet old guy!! I doted on the kitty more than the BF, I think. Cato won me over and I began volunteering with a local rescue. I found that I actually had an affinity with felines that I didn't know existed. Such interesting and complex creatures!
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my partner love's all of my kitty's!
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The cats are both, technically, mine but DH was the one who brought them home and he fell in love with them before either one made it in the door.

He rescued Tailer as a gift for my 30th birthday, and he adopted Forest (who was rescued by our vet) as my gift for our first wedding anniversary. Is he a guy who knows me or what?
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My cats are my SO's. That wasn't an option!
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I already had Tucker when we first met & as time went on we adopted two more(or they adopted us) plus we are fostering some shop kittens.
Mike is wonderful with them, too. I couldn't ask for a better guy!
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We adopted our cats together!!! Athough, if we had met any later I'm sure we both would have had our own cats.
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When I met my DH I only had Bella at the time and he fell in love with her, then we adopted all the rest together, he adores them
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My hubby had a beautiful odd-eyed white long haired cat when we met. I knew he was a keeper when he said he had to take me home to meet his cat.

Since then we have adopted many cats together, and at least one he adopted as a present for me! We also have had 3 odd-eyed whites together since.
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JOsh and Trout napped together the first day they met
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I'm single. I would love to find a man. I will not date anyone who doesn't like cats. I also take the animal's opinion of any man into consideration.

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I voted for "Bonded right away with my cat" and "we adopted our cat together"- my bf never had cats before, and had been severely allergic to them for the past few years. I started volunteering at the shelter to get my "fix" and fell in love with Albus. My bf had noticed that his symptoms around other people's cats was not as severe anymore, so I filled out the paperwork to adopt Albus on a trial-basis.

Just before we were going to take him home, he came down with Fatty Liver Disease. It was really bad and they weren't sure he was going to make it through the night. He did, and the next day, I brought my bf to the shelter to meet him for the first time.

Even though Albus was not looking so good, it was love at first sight with the two of them. We brought him home and my bf's never had a reaction to him. And the Fatty Liver problem is gone!

So technically, we adopted him together, but he didn't meet him until after I decided and they were instantly bonded at that point.
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Kitty was a birthday present to me from my fiance last year. He loves cats, and instead of getting me the puppy I'd been wanting I got a cat. Good choice!

however, he had no idea how much Kitty and I would bond and snuggle and so forth, so I think hes a bit disgruntled bout that. maybe the next kitten will love him more
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DH loves our girls. They keep him company while I am at work
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My baby babies my babies! Hahaha..

He LOVES my cats. Every time I refer to them as "my kitties" he corrects me, saying "OUR kitties". He plays with them constantly, snuggles them as he sleeps(he even lets them steal his pillow at night, which even I won't do!), and is just.. awesome with them. He even helps me with their chores--that's right, including cat boxes.

I am lucky! =D God help him if we ever break up.. And the kitties, because they love him too!
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